Mine All Mine Rooftop Chests

Hi Peeps.
I’ve looked over plenty of “Unhelpful” walk-through videos but have not found what I’m looking for.
There’s two rooftop chests in the Mine all Mine area that I can’t get to. They’re just regular chests, but it annoys me that I cannot get to them… Anyone willing to advise on “how” to get them?


I was intrigued - I’ve never noticed those before - so I interrupted Fink’s to check it out.

Grenade jump to the pump in the far right of your first pic (stand basically where you are and throw the grenade behind you).

:point_up: That’s me standing on the pump looking back at the red chest. From there just a regular jump ( I just made it - but did it first try ).

Voilà - two useless chests.


Yeah, as far as I know, there’s no way to get there without a grenade jump.

I run up to where Prospector Zeke is, hop down to the red chest, and grenade jump from there. That platform is one of my King of the Hill spots (the other being the top of the ridge over the entrance, though that’s much easier). It might be one of my favorites because I can turn the valve-o-bandits on my way up and really get a mob going down below.