Mine and Missiles glitch

Has anyone seen this little glitch? I have a couple areas of my map that missiles and mines just spin around and around and around endlessly. I am unsure what is causing it. There is nothing on the map there that I know of.

Hard to see in this shot, looks like the missiles eventually hit something, but it is invisible to me.

The same things happens if I lay mines on that area accept they never explode.

Missiles have a lifetime, they eventually just blow up. Unless you omit that line? Or do they have to have a lifetime?

I believe these missiles blow up as well… but what are the aiming at? there is nothing there.

If I go to this spot and lay mines, they also yoyo around… still trying to figure it out. Was not sure if this was a known glitch or not.

You might be able to line the map up in the sensor manager and take a screenshot to help you track down what’s there with PayDay’s map editor?

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Is it targeting debris that’s already burned away to invisible?

It might be. But I have a hypothesis, need to test out. There was a carrier there that the AI cloaked and hyped away. However it never hyped back into the game. I wonder if it is stuck there in hyperspace however some targeting is still looking for it? I can test at another point in the map and see.

I am not 100% sure I understand the full issue, however hyper-spacing the AI carrier OUT of hyperspace to another location on the map fixed the issue.

Basically I added some AI logic that now allows the CPU to rescue its own carriers when under attack or trying to be captured. However I also let them stay in Hyperspace for a little while. When the rescue carrier hyperspaced in to recover the harvesting carrier they both then hyperspaced out (before my BC could kill them! grrr) they were then IN hyperspace at the same point were the mines and missiles were glitching. As soon as they hypersapced back into the map at another location… no more glitch.

good to know. I feel this is a bug with the engine, but nothing I can not work around.

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