Minelayer and Mine Behaviors

So, after minor testing in the preview patch (considering I tried many times in pre-patch), I can’t seem to get the hw1 minelayers to do the following:

  1. Lay an actual mine field! I understand the hw2 mine style is different then hw1, but geeze the hw1 minelayers don’t seem to want to continue laying a field. This applies to the standard plane, the prism, and the single line. Er… this needs fixed.

  2. Group dropping. If more than one corvette are selected to drop mines, well, only one will. This doesn’t make sense at all.

  3. Continue to pump mines out. Whether set to a large plane, or set to a single point, the mine layers will drop maybe one or two mines then stop. That’s it, nothing more, as if space war doesn’t mean anything to them.

  4. Ship targeting mines. This is self explanatory here. Again, if all ship weapons had the ability to hit all ships and munitions (yeah, realistic sounding), this wouldn’t be an issue.

and lastly… 5) Mines don’t cloak. Now, I understand this might be intentional, but dang, a cloaked minefield would be awesome. That way, you can use proxies and a few fighters or scouts (if they get to shoot the things) as a mine-sweeping operation.

I love the idea of a cloaked minefield. Might get more use of Cloak Gens into play (kind of an indirect buff to them) and adds a neat dynamic.

However, the power of it would definitely need to be tested first.

Well, if the layers would drop mines a lot quicker/correctly, damage could be nerfed to accommodate.

Also, why do mines have icons? It doesn’t make sense to have a minefield that can’t be hidden in plain sight… that’s how mines work.

Caps aren’t supposed to rush into a mine field, so bring back hw1 style mine-play maybe?

Yeah, there’s a lot that can be tried in terms of different stats for the mines. I’d even be interested in different races having different mine strength that scales with production rate (the slower the production, the higher the damage). Even a cost for mines would be interesting to me (if you’ve played StarCraft: Brood War, I’m sure you’re acquainted with the Reaver), but that’s getting into changes that might be too far for the already-released game/too far from the originals.

I agree about the icons. Maybe if there was a sensor nearby it would reveal the icons, but I do think mines should be able to be recognizable if the person is paying enough attention.

I honestly don’t have much experience with HW1 mine play, but I am all for mines being a competitive strategy to use.

What would be great was that if the minlayers would continually replenish a minefield as the mines time out.