Mines revealing opponent via glow occlusion?

Summary: Not certain if this is actually a bug or not, but I noticed that I can see the occlusion of the enemy player walking between my viewpoint and placed mines. Not the triggered mines showing the enemy outline, but the outline of the mine showing through the walls will visibly show the enemy model “shadow” if they cross between the mine and my viewpoint without triggering the mine.

Observed Results:

Can see opponents location without that being the intended function, maybe

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Place a mine and move away.
  2. Look at the mine from behind a wall so the “glow” outline is visible.
  3. When your opponent walks between you and the mine, but behind walls so you cannot see their model, you can see the occlusion of the model on the mine’s glow.

Expected Results:

Glowing indicators specifically for the player’s benefit to be rendered as closer than the intervening objects/models for proper highlighting, if that’s the intended function of the glowing outlines

Build #:

Closed Technical Test Build 26