Mini-Battleplan: Kid Ultra and PS4 Queue Adjustments

Hey guys,

So I know we said no Battleplan this week, but old habits die hard. Seriously though, we have a few small things happening this week ahead of the break that we wanted to make sure to tell you about:

**Kid Ultra Changes**

We’ve made some adjustments to Kid Ultra today that you may have already noticed.

  • Reduced the damage of each Bola Snare when level 6 Mutation Snare Spread is active to 40% from 50%.
  • Reduced the number of times that Bola Snares will bounce when level 3 Right Augment Bank Shot is active from 3 to 1.
  • Widened the spread of Bola Snare projectiles when level 6 Mutation Snare Spread is active.
  • Increased the acceleration rate while in To the Rescue’s Hover Mode.

**PS4 Queue Change**

PS4 queue times, especially during mid-week play times, have gotten longer than we would like. So, we will be moving to one main queue (“Quick Match”) with all maps and modes on PS4. We still plan to bring special queues up from time to time for unique experiences, so stay tuned!

**Skin Sale in the Marketplace**

All skins will be for 30% off on in the in-game marketplace from this Thursday (11/24) at 12pm PT until Tuesday (11/27) at 3am PT, so make sure to check those out!


Thank you for nerfing the DPS-based kid ultra build. It was necessary.

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At least I have time to finish leveling KU before he gets nerfed :slight_smile:

Now I have to play him like a support instead of a secret Orendi? Ah jeez guys.

As a PS4 player, I have noticed a slow queue on odd hours, but I just generally like having everything in one queue. How do you guys feel about eliminating the No Preference option so you can have each mode represented? Not possible? Goes against your goals? On the way or you’ll think about it? I’m fine either way but I’ve heard some requests and it seems logical enough.

Good update guys, keep it up.

(Awwwww, I already bought all the skins I could want. Thanks anyways :yum: @FlamesForAll, time to finish the collection?)



Not till the new year!

Money is tight and ive already spent 260 CANADIAN on Battleborn lol!


Not the single queue again…

This will help PS4 players in international (read: non-US) timezones find matches again. Thank you for having the courage to make a controversial but necessary change.


KU is the only toon I refuse to unlock.

But it’s nice to see him getting downtuned to be more in line with the rest.

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Hell yes.

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I play ps4 so does this mean I can’t just play Incursion anymore?

Exactly. Incursion will be included in “Quick Match”.

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I’m getting a sense of deja vu…


Skins are going to be 30% off? ~FUUU

I bought 'em for 20% off, might as well get a refund and rebuy them for an xtra 10% off…

and then they’ll put 'em to 50% off for Christmas or some BS and I’ll be out of refunds and be upset. :confused:

Suggestion to go along with the KU nerf. Maybe give him a healing buff because honestly, he’s the worst healer in the game. I’ve healed more as Galilea.


(sigh) Again with nerfing the one strong suit of a character instead of fixing the many legitimate-code related broken aspects of them.

  • His drone indicator
  • Drones not effected by heal power aka his legendary’s main stat
  • His passive not boosting himself
  • ‘Power of Friendship’ not working, at least textually
  • etc…

Oh well didn’t really like him that much anyway. Hate myself a bit for saying that, but I’m past that point.

pretty sure none of that can be done in a hotfix.

@NatsumeRyu although we can’t really be sure, if they can make hotfixes such as these and others, then I’m sure at least one of the issues I listed could have been fixed as well. I have a new mind set with Batleborn, but I guess some habits really do “die hard” and I simply wanted to point them out.

In all, communication as simple as “we know this is a problem” would have sufficed enough for me to keep to myself.


So does the bleed damage from level 1 no longer apply full damage if you take Snare Spread?

Sounds like a necessary and fair balance update. Triple bouncing, bleeding, bola stuns felt like a bit much for a support. I like this move.


You probably haven’t actually. None of the healing from is drones is tracked in score. Only healing from his Ult.