Mini-Battleplan: Kid Ultra and PS4 Queue Adjustments

(Ambra's Arbiter) #13

I’m getting a sense of deja vu…

(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #14

Skins are going to be 30% off? ~FUUU

I bought 'em for 20% off, might as well get a refund and rebuy them for an xtra 10% off…

and then they’ll put 'em to 50% off for Christmas or some BS and I’ll be out of refunds and be upset. :confused:

(Josh) #15

Suggestion to go along with the KU nerf. Maybe give him a healing buff because honestly, he’s the worst healer in the game. I’ve healed more as Galilea.

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #16

(sigh) Again with nerfing the one strong suit of a character instead of fixing the many legitimate-code related broken aspects of them.

  • His drone indicator
  • Drones not effected by heal power aka his legendary’s main stat
  • His passive not boosting himself
  • ‘Power of Friendship’ not working, at least textually
  • etc…

Oh well didn’t really like him that much anyway. Hate myself a bit for saying that, but I’m past that point.

(Natsume Ryu) #17

pretty sure none of that can be done in a hotfix.

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #18

@NatsumeRyu although we can’t really be sure, if they can make hotfixes such as these and others, then I’m sure at least one of the issues I listed could have been fixed as well. I have a new mind set with Batleborn, but I guess some habits really do “die hard” and I simply wanted to point them out.

In all, communication as simple as “we know this is a problem” would have sufficed enough for me to keep to myself.

(A euclid-class anomaly) #19

So does the bleed damage from level 1 no longer apply full damage if you take Snare Spread?

(Like the cereal...) #20

Sounds like a necessary and fair balance update. Triple bouncing, bleeding, bola stuns felt like a bit much for a support. I like this move.

(Jennerit Supremacist) #21

You probably haven’t actually. None of the healing from is drones is tracked in score. Only healing from his Ult.

(Jennerit Supremacist) #22

If you get hit by multiple then I would assume so. But by making it so that they spread more and so that the bank shot is less effective, the chances of getting hit by multiple snares from one use of the skill will be much lower (depending on how much they increased the spread).

(Can't stand ya) #23

I’m happy about this queue change.

No more switching ad nauseam between queues searching for the quickest match.

This is a good change, especially for the midweek warriors.

(Moostacho) #24

Uhhh. That’s not cool…

(Jennerit Supremacist) #25

But necessary.

(Moostacho) #26

Necessary…but not cool.

(Skeksis Syl) #27

The only thing I am concerned about is not having all 4 game modes represented


So while we’re making queue changes can I get Face Off and Meltdown separated on Xbox considering the queues times were just fine before the changes? I’m still looking for an explanation for why we could have three queues for Bird Hunt but not for letting people play the modes they actually enjoy. If the answer is that the player count is higher on the weekends (I still maintain I never had any issues finding a Face Off match during the week though), then how about instead of gimmick modes just split the queues back for the weekend at least so people can actually queue up for what they want to play? Right now I feel like I’ve been chased away from PvP. If every time I queue up I’m risking being stuck in a mode I don’t enjoy, it’s led me deciding I’m better off just not queuing up at all. I’d like to be able to enjoy this game again but can’t do it in the current state of the queues.

(The Red Bar Observer) #29

A concern, which I guess I’ll detail here.

The devs have made promises to introduce these two forthcoming features:

  • A “drafting” system to foster a competitive community
  • A 3v3 PVP mode

Both of these additions would necessitate new queues. A 3v3 mode is going to require its own matchmaking, making it impossible to roll it into Quick Match. A drafting system implies a separate competitive queue (as I don’t believe the general playerbase would be happy with characters being banned, etc.)

In reality, we’ve needed to consolidate queues in order to keep the game running. First PC went to the single queue; now PS4 has followed suit. Even if we manage to retain the playerbase from today until the introduction of the above features, there’s every chance that the environment already can’t accommodate them.

My feeling is that the drafting system will become a private match only feature: no competitive multiplayer queue (or at least one not inhabited by tumbleweeds.) I darkly suspect that the competitive scene is done-and-dusted anyway. I don’t want to damn the game with negativity, and I express my doomsaying with love, but that’s how I see it.

The 3v3 mode is what I’m really worried about. I’m very hopeful for this one, as slashing the number of players required from 10 to 6 has all kinds of positive effects for someone on the underside of the world: quicker matches, greater ease in forming private matches (you only need five friends, not nine), and better latency (queue with three Australians, see a decent chance of green bar.) I’d certainly take watered-down, scaled-down Battleborn over no Battleborn at all.

But if 3v3 splits the queues again, that’s going to cause issues. I wish (and I know it can’t happen) that we could share in the dev team’s feelings about how this will work out.

One option, which I’ve heard spoken of in rumors, is that bots will be introduced into the PVP environment. That would be the death knell for the game as a competitive activity, but again, if that’s what life support looks like, I’ll take it. I think the most realistic option would be to very finely tune a handful of simpler characters, rather than attempt to make functioning bot versions of the entire cast…

At some point soon, though, I feel like Battleborn is going to need a “state of union”-style address. A cloud has fallen upon even the most loyal and hopeful, and the thread on Take Two’s statements adds real weight to the fear the worst could happen (and the devs themselves seem less than cheerful about it.)

If nothing else, when the worst is imminent, let us know so that I can visit Mellka one last time… and tell her, through barely-restrained tears, “Go home, Mell, you’re drunk.” (Followed, in a whisper, with “I love you”)

(Natsume Ryu) #30

if they did introduce bot fills in regular queue, itd give more reason for folks who dont like bots to visit a comp queue.
but i dont see why drafting cant be implemented with the qm queue we have now. it doesnt have to have bans.

(PSN:Suii1221) #31

So 3 random modes or is capture going bye-bye for now?

I still think que times would be a lot better if they found 10 then split it up instead of 5, then 5.

(psn: Vegan_Cookies5) #32

Also, I have played with only one KU who plays as a team support. Most KUs I see only heal themselves.