Mini-Giveaway (or Trade)

I have some items I just want to clear out of my inventory/bank. List below , 50 unless otherwise noted.

I would greatly appreciate it if you wanted to make it a trade instead of a giveaway - specifically I’m seeking (L50) a Hex and a Laser-Sploder in an element other than shock.

Please leave GT and I will send by mail system.

Full item description available on request.

My items:

Bloodletter (x2)
Bear Trooper
Rakk Commander (x2)
Cold Warrior
Long Musket
Breath of the Dying
Hellwalker (49, Anointed)
Jericho (L38)

What are the stats on your bloodletters?

  1. Skills: 2TRL, 1 Desperate, 2 Phalanx. 50% Maliwan Acc, 1487 Max Health, 25% Maliwan Reload Speed

  2. 1 TRL, 2 Phalanx, 2Desperate. 33% Weap Handling 13% Weap Fire Rate 50% Vladof Acc

Ok, thanks

Just FYI I will sell off anything listed above not claimed by midnight eastern time (5 hrs from now). Just need more space for stuff I might actually use.

Again, this stuff is all free to whoever wants it.

What are the stats on your transformer?

I got a hex ya can have…don’t need anything…it’s just a regular not a recurring just sitting in my bank…add and message if ya want

X PsYkoTiC1 X

Can I please get one of your Rakk Commanders?..

Gt RavenMock3r

If you happen to have a Blast Master com for Moze, or a reoccuring hex i would love it

Replying to above posts:

Transformer stats:
11659 cap/ 4.8 Delay / 1285 Charge Rate
40% absorb chance

Will hold on to it for 24 hours to give you a reasonable time to accept or decline.

Rakk Commander will be sent momentarily.

No blast master available (I’m using it), and no hex either (I’m looking for one myself!) If I get an extra of either anytime soon, I’ll PM.

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Hey thanks. I’m also looking for Hex grenades. I have two, but I’m using them. Next one I find I’ll send to you.

Glad to help. I don’t play Fl4k ATM but the Force troopers dropped me like 10 coms for him and maybe one for my actual character. Stupid RNG.

I’d love the Breath of the Dying or Transformer.

GT: Janos Antero

Do u still have the unforgiven?

Yep, haven’t tossed anything yet. Will send along requested items.

Just to be sure: Drhull24 is your GT?

Sorry you probably discarded it its Aldwin88

You’re in luck - I got an extra one recently. Sending it your way momentarily.

Hey! Could I claim that 2nd Rakk Commander if it hasn’t been claimed?

GT: YoungOne6