Mini map not working right

My character marker, legendaries, and enemies are not showimg on my mini map. I can get legendaries to show by toggling the setting off and on. But it messes up on relog… any one else having this issue?

I was on Cathedral of the Twin Gods. When i open my map it says “ERROR_PLANET NAME, ERROR_LEVELNAME” had to move to santuary to get main map to open anything aswell. Skywell seems to not have the issue. With mini map or main map :v:.

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Try doing a power reset of your console to clear the system cache, then try again. I’d also recommend against quick start mode for BL3, even though the initial load time is excruciatingly long.

If that doesn’t resolve the issue, there’s a link to the support page in the pinned thread at the top of this section.

Having this same problem on ps4 also on the same mission maybe just this mission has problems? Idk will reply when completed

I’m having the same issue on the same map but on PS4, I’ve performed a hard reset on console but nothing was resolved