Mini Match Queue : 3v3, all modes

(coming June 22nd)

Are you excited? Do you think it’s a good idea?


We’ll have to see, honestly. It’ll change things for sure.


I am not and think it’s a very bad idea. Splitting queue will most likely severely hurt finding a game in VS draft further. I also think people who just want to play Incursion will maybe head to the 3v3 queue just so they can actually play the favored game mode of a vast majority of Battleborn players. So the new game mode might not even see as much play in it’s own queue. I don’t think Supercharge will catch on much like Face-Off never did.


I worry about this too. I feel like this is a great thing for PC, but not so good for everyone else.

It might help PC in just finding a match but not for the people who want to play 5v5 (the way the game was intended). Either way I fear what this will do. I already don’t play much anymore and that alone scares me because I still want to be excited and interested in Battleborn.


As long as the queue offers voting instead of random I’ll be playing again.

I’m both curious and worried how balance is going to play out in 3v3 Incursion/Meltdown. It’s an interesting and somewhat fresh idea, but it’s hard to argue that all of the balancing, nerfs and buffs that have taken place over the last year have been with 5v5 in mind not 3v3. (Unless of course Gearbox has had it in mind for a while now that pvp is to become 3v3 and have been making changes accordingly while we’re still 5v5. In which case, they’re already ■■■■■■■■.)

Here’s an example, it’s not easy to take down Boldur now. What’s that beast going to be like when you only have 2 other teammates backing your play instead of 4?

On the other hand, 3v3 may just be the change from the established CC meta people have been asking for. I can see Incusion becoming a lot more aggressive in the early game with less focus on late game carries. Or the exact opposite as late game monsters will be a lot more difficult to stop. Most teams though won’t be able to afford having 1 character out of lane 90% of the game shard gathering and building. Even the Dev’s from the stream admitted Meltdown is going to be an issue, the Sudden Death round may become a thing of the past.


3v3 incursion is going to be melee meta…

I don’t like them including incursion and meltdown, the point is being able to play a new mode aimed at 3 vs 3. sure it will be interesting to play a 3vs3 incursion or meltdown, but I can already see people leaving or running into a premade 3 man.

Meltdown Classic should be in Mini Match, and not Finale.


Hell yes I’m excited!!! Me and @lgb4291 have been ready for this since we heard about it!!!

There’s always going to be times you get stomped and times that you do the stomping and times that it’s a close match. I feel this will be the same way. 3 individuals stumbling across a 3 man pre-made is the same thing as 5 individuals stumbling across a 5 man pre-made. They obviously are the underdog but there’s always a chance to pull it off.

The one thing I do hope for is shorter down time when you die since you don’t have as many people on the field backing you up. I’ve got 100% trust they’ve thought about this already though.


Completely agree.

Agreed, in 3v3 the CC meta should only get stronger.

I personally won’t bother with the queue, Supercharge doesn’t look interesting to me and as you stated 3v3 Meltdown sounds really boring to me. If I’m wrong and this game does go the route of 3v3 I’ll say my farewell to it but still wish it the best for the fond memories.I think not only on a personal level is this bad but also at the core of Battleborn. I believe in building a team comp around 5 not 3 so that all types of characters have the possibility to shine.

In my opinion this queue should be Supercharge only that way for the players that love it the option is there. It can’t be implemented into quick match since it’s 3v3 so now we’re at the point where it will always have to be there.

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I do remember that question coming up in the stream, but don’t remember what they said about it. Does anyone remember or have the time to check the stream?

At least they had the foresight to finish adjusting Galilea before this game mode came out.

Can you imagine what 3v3 would of been like with her before the nerfs?

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I suspected something like this would come with Supercharge but I didn’t know in what form.
Im really surprised all 5 modes were included in the queue
I figured it would at least be Capture and Face-off considering they wouldn’t be to effected by a 3v3 format.
Having a queue just for Supercharge in queue all on its own would be a terrible idea but including Incursion and Meltdown doesn’t sound like a great idea either


Not if a certain penguin-like Aviant has anything to say about it. Stun-mines… Stun-mines EVERYWHERE…

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And don’t forget a nihilistic robot buddy with his ridiculous midrange movement speed build that’s ineffective against anything but a full melee team


Together we are…


I-I mean… TEAM BEST AND ONLY FRIENDS!! (TFR reference)


This is the only queue I’ll ever play from now on. The added pressure on every individual player is exciting for me, the matchmaking time will be quicker, and there’s better chance of getting a local server for non-US players. The standard of current Incursion and Meltdown matches was so low when I last played, I don’t feel like the player reduction is much of a sacrifice, either.


Same here. I hope that it is a big hit, and that it becomes popular enough to stay. The only problem that i foresee is 3-man pre-mades abusing a melee tank with two pocket healers.

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