Mini, Mini Iron Cub?

Some kind of April fools thingy??

My iron cub is so small it appears as a glob of light on the floor.

Seems to get kicked off and lost just a whole bunch.

One day thingy??

I hope??


Yep, it’s a one day thingy, April Fools joke, like last year :slight_smile:

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Can’t even see him running around him during fights. Maybe he also gets ragdolled like regular mini-Iron Bear.

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Gonna give up for the night.

Just makes Iron Cub useless…

Wanted to check out the nerfs and this is making it impossible to tell…

Will try again tomorrow.

Should have played my “Nope, it’s permanent”, or “It’s a new modifier” cards first, but it’s too late for that I guess :man_shrugging:


There’s always next year!


OMG that is super funny! Its feet are moving so fast when it runs. :laughing:
It’s afterburner is huge and bright, and it’s leaving this trail of smoke behind when it runs.