[Mini project] restoring the junkyard office

This is something I have wanted to do for a l o n g time…


I’m starting from the concept above and the gearbox remastered version of the derelict. The texturing will be a fairly big job. I’m not really sure what this ship is supposed to be. I’m imagining it as a freighter, so no weapons but perhaps a docking bay.


Very cool. Also note this hexagon near the engines in the concept art… No clue what that’s supposed to be but it shouldn’t be left out. I concur that this probably used to be a freighter of sorts. Perhaps even a troop Transport.

Either way very ambitious.

Ooh I would argue you could probably use the detailing on the DoK graveyard ships as a starting point to fill in some of the blanks, like engine tech.


On that note I wish one of you modelers out there would reconstruct the DOK + Karos graveyard ships to create an ancient Kushan aka Hiigaran Empire Fleet.

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Based on it’s size, I’d say this is a ship carrier of some kind.

What are these DoK ships? I’m not familiar with them, do you have any screenshots?

Some more pics here: Homeworld Remastered | Flickr




The 1st ship almost looks like a Taiidan heavy cruiser. Probably an ancient Taiidan HC.
The Ships hyperspacing are ancient Hiigaran vessels.

The Junk Yard “office” reminds me of the behemoth container ships we have floating in our oceans today. Shape and size… yes. It’s a freighter.

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Do you have an idea about how the ship will interact with the rest of the mod?

If you don’t have any plans yet, it could be a science ship or a technical ship, like a “beacon deployer” or a ship the player use to calibrate something or to amplify sensors. Just my 2 cents.

The ship is looking good and a bay area is interesting.

It’s not for any particular mod, just an asset that people can use. I’ll put some dock paths and hard points on it so that people can use it however they want.

Personally I see it as a freighter, maybe for use in single player missions.


P3D of my latest modelling:


The engine is based on a DoK wreck as suggested above…


Something that jumped out at me. The red and white checkered pattern. The original has the same issue. The seam at the upper right and left do not conform with the crease in the model. My opinion would be to map the checkered pattern to follow the hull break overs. 2¢

Aside from that minor nitpicking the work you’re doing looks great. Engine area is very nice.


Are you sure the engine is supposed to taper in back? The concept art almost looks like it doesn’t…

Good eyes :wink:
It doesn’t taper… but I think it’s a nice addition. Breaks up the long hull nicely.