~[+]~ Miniguide How To Silver+ on Advanced for The Archive ~[+]~

Hi, im Tacle and unlocked Ghalt just recently. My teammates and I didn’t know why we consistently only scored bronze medals altho we get every chest, every extra life etc. and complete the mission efficiently (max score was 58k on advanced). Since ‘The Archive’ was the only one left to get silver+ on advanced, I had to google. This guide can also be applied to normal difficulty, ofcourse.

What you do is the following.

Step 1: Escort the big NPC and kill everything until he starts spawning the Databots and there is a new barrier that protects it from enemies entering or firing at him. Open every chest, look out for the big ones with loot / extra lives. Destroy the plants that hold 1-2 credits or boost.

Step 2: Now as soon as the bots start, wander around the map, but:

DON’T KILL ALL THE ENEMIES SPAWNING. At least not yet. go and look for more pickups. You can kill the Varelsi tho, they all spawn in a cave close to the security barrier. Let the thralls and brawlers, let their teleport spears be. They will destroy all the data bots, and you can kill a handfull each wave. The hbots spawn without limit every half minute or so. Keep a timer on total mission time, don’t exceed 90 or 120 minutes or you’ll lose from that.

Step 3: Look at the center top of your screen, the score is in blue with a small blue / round symbol next to it. Repeat that until you have around 40-45k of score (without teambonus, which will be added later).

Step 4: Now clear the map, let the bots deliver their data and finish off the Gunhulk. Enjoy your silver medal and leave a nice smile in this thread :slight_smile:

Did that on Marquis + Ambra, total score was high in the 70k (will update exact number later) and netted us both the gold rating.

Edit: Gold rating at 77’274 points.

What’s the min score required for gold?

this is hard to answer, since I don’t know the thresholds and I’m not into testing this day in day out.

I’ll update this when I’m at home, since we actually scored gold with 45k at step 3 and clearing the rest fast.