Minimap during Death

Gearbox, please continue showing the Minimap at the top right while you are waiting for respawn. It allows people who are dead to continue contributing to their team by call-outs and spawn timers for shards, thralls, etc.

As well, Can we get overhead views of the 6 maps please?

Dying is suppose to be a detriment to you AND your team. If people aren’t paying attention to these things already they have no business winning. I will point out it could, in the long run, keep people from turning every game into a TDM if they have a guy calling out things like crazy but I highly doubt it affecting anyone plus out of my near 100 games, I’ve only ever seen a person with a mic maybe twice doing any callouts, one time I did it and we still lost so take what you will out of it.

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I play with a full-team against other full-teams. Dying is going to happen. In every other MOBA during death, I can look at the map. Yes, this game is not a True MOBA but has MOBA elements and for people who enjoy playing at a higher level, I believe this is something that could enhance the gameplay.

PUBS are completely and utterly different than playing against other high-level players who are playing to win and full-on communicating.