Minimap & help ping sugggestions

great game!

i think the minimap & help feature really needs work asap though. addressing these issues will help teamplay tremendously.

  • character icons are too small and indecipherable from one another. make them bigger.
  • character icons should be different shapes to make them further distinguishable at a glance. awesomenauts has been using a cutout of the characters head on their minimap recently, making them very recognizable despite being pretty small (a much better approach compared to making everyone be a circle)

next biggest issue for me is the “help ping” you can do that leaves a way point on the map

  • the “help ping” icon is way too small and should very obviously pulse.
  • need a couple more “help ping” choices: attack & defend to make it more useful for strangers to figure out what the intent is.
  • the ding noise that the “help ping” action does is way too quiet and indistinct. it needs to stand out from the rest of the game noises better. i recommend character specific VO of the characters saying “help”/“attack”/“defend”

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