Minimap/ Map feedback

So in BL2 and TPS your minimap tracked where your friends where one the map. When a friend went our of range of the mini map it showed a player indicator in the direction they where located. I know with multiple elevations things can get confusing regardless it would help a lot to at least give us the option to toggle these border makers for directional orientation.

I’m also not 100% sure as I’m offline now but I don’t remember seeing a Compass maker either. I could be wrong on that.

With how big the maps and environments are now its imperative that it is easy to keep track of your group both on and off the battlefield.

To add on I think different colorations for players on the menu map would also help. They are a very faint grey which is difficult to spot some times.

If anyone else has some feedback let’s get a thread going to see if we can get it improved.


I agree with you. I’m having a much more difficult time tracking my group in BL3.


I also would like some Minimap Customization, like Scale and Zoom(not just 1 slider for the whole UI)

An arrow Pointer where your Group members are would be also handy and the grey arrow that represent your Group members is so Tiny and not prominent that you sometimes barley see it.

A North/South Indicator would also be handy for communication with Group members, since they can’t see your the markers you can make on the map(those should be also visible for the Group members i think)

On a positive note, i really like this 3D Style of the Maps, never seen something similar before and afer getting used to it and knowing that you can hold rightclick to rotate all 2 axis ist awesome.

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The keybind to open the map should also close the map. As well as all other UI keys. You shouldn’t have to press M for map and then switch to Tab to close the map. UI keybinds should act as toggles.

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And why, sitting next to my spouse - are our maps oriented differently? Doesn’t seem to be connected to who is facing which way - what is going on?

Basically I wasn’t too crazy about the maps in B2, and this is worse.

I agree “m” should be a toggle.

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I completely agree - co-op usability needs to improved, particularly with party member tracking. We need to able to see where our friends are on the mini map. It’s ridiculous how if my partner and I split up (such as when I go sell things and he runs off to fight somewhere), we lose each other’s position completely. I can’t tell from the mini map where he’s gone to, or even what direction to head.

We never had this problem in BL2. What was Gearbox thinking when they took out this tracking functionality?? It’s a huge step backwards.

We shouldn’t need to open the full map, zoom in/out in order to find our friends, and then close the map and try to figure out which way is North/South in order to head to the last known position, which could have easily changed by the time we close the map and get moving.

Please make teammates more visible on the mini map and have an arrow when they go out of the map radius. As purely co-op players, as it stands, this lack of teammate tracking discourages us from playing at all.

The new 3d map is a worthless memory hog. Who signed of on this stuff? There is no way to orientate myself with direction much less my co-op players. Also, you can’t touch the analog stick because it snaps to fast travel location!

Worse of all is is the map changing orientation and zoom amount everytime I open it.

Again, it worthless and probably eats up memory space (causing more menu lag). My friends and I have just been trying to play without it and memorize the landscape as we go. Wish it would lock in place or at the very least give me the option to disable it.

100% Agreed and Needs to be addressed, my buddy is super frustrated, but luckily we can Ping and he can see the Ping to know where im at but it’s not something we should not have to do to find players, and he sees me at first but after he dies or some event, he loses track and cant find me with my name.

You should also be able to see other players waypoints. Just make it a different color for each player with a little circle next to the persons name, or whtv. Basic co-op stuff.

Also having the players arrow on the minimap being a light-gray color is kinda ridiculous. 90% of the time it’s useless.

Also needs a zoom-out feature like someone else mentioned. On console the keybinds are already messed up. If you want to ping quickly or switch between missions, you have to settle w/ cycling between all 4 weapons, or lose a weapon hotkey for each feature you want. You can hold start to ping, but thats only really useful if your standing still pointing at a chest or something.

Also, multiple quests not showing up on the map… Just, no. Its 2019. I’d rather have regular 2d maps where you have to switch between levels if I had to choose. The UI is really laggy as is.

And if I have too many sidequests, or join anyones game w/ a bunch of sidequests and try to use the filter by area, it just freezes up the game.

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Yes to all of this - the map and minimap are terrible right now on PC.

Improvements I would like to see:

  • Player indicators on edge of minimap, color differentiated with player names

  • Compass direction marker

  • Make “M” key a TOGGLE for the map, right now it only opens it

  • Option to track all quests in the zone at once. (This was the one thing I wanted improved most from BL2… I’m extremely disappointed.)

  • Option to default to Max Zoom on the big map when opened - the local info is why I have a minimap, and I hate the extra time it takes to scroll out every time when opening the map

  • Option to zoom the minimap to different levels