Minimum level for reasonable Mayhem 1 mode & not getting spanked so hard?

Hi! New to the forums.
Finished the game with FL4K build last week. Level 38. Was grinding for legendaries and Graveward could be beat in approx. 4 min., no trouble at all, actually too easy (after beating him on normal 15 or so times and not dying once). I decided to kick it up to MH1 and it took 2 tries to beat him. He wasn’t the tough part, it was all the chaos going on in the background, jabbers, etc. So, it took around 20min. or so to finally beat him (was worth it coz he dropped the Lyuda). My main question is, what is the recommended level i should be at for Mayhem 1?
I have played shooters since the late 90’s so have a pretty good idea on how they work :slight_smile:

I start using M1 just after finishing the Story. This way all enemies and missions are scaled to your level, so you can level up faster and grab better loot.

Hey, and welcome to the forums! I’d recommend playing through True Vault Hunter Mode and maxing out at level 50 before farming legendaries. That way you don’t end up making your weapons obsolete, and Mayhem 1 should feel pretty balanced by then too.

Ok, i see.
I still have probably 15 or so side missions left, still viable to do TVHM?
I see what you mean about making weapons obsolete, i have ran into that. I will give it a shot! Thanks!

Ok, yes, would like to level up faster!

Starting TVHM is pointless right after you finished Normal.

I don’t really wanna start a new playthrough just yet. I probably will with a different character though at some point.

M1 is doable for anyone, it is easier than borderlands 2 tvhm

I’d argue for doing nothing but story for both normal and TVHM just to be in a place where you’re getting enough exp to make it to lvl 50 honestly. You’d end up hanging out in normal forever otherwise, which isn’t efficient because the gear won’t even scale to your level. Its easier to level up and re-farm a boss a few times than to go the completionist route. Atleast till maxing out anyway…

Kick it up to M3, then run through your favorite enemy heavy areas to exp up to 50 if you don’t want to go through the story again already. You may die some, but that’s okay because you’re mainly just exping. Then do all of Zero’s targets of opitunity for a free level 50 Lyuda to go farm Graveward easy now.

Just remember, I think the story missions on TVHM give you the best exp.

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As someone who just started the game this week, this will be really helpful.

Yeah, it was doable, i did Graveward. But, when i was finished beating him, it reminded me of the old days playing Quake 3 for 4 or 5 hours straight…fingers hurt, wrists popped when i moved them, etc :slight_smile: Maybe i’m not selecting the proper weapons…took like 50 shots minimum to kill those little dinosaur looking things that spit corrosion. Then i get Second Wind, then my pet needs revived, then the whole world is a major ■■■■ storm! :stuck_out_tongue: Oh, then the best part…Graveward throws me 40 feet in the air and i land in the middle of the mess when i finally land, Hoorahhhh!

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Hopefully it will. :slight_smile:
I got Borderlands 2 on a discount and have barely played it…then jumped head first into BL3 :slight_smile: I did play BL1 though.

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Do all the side missions need to be completed again if i start TVHM, or do those carry over? Also, as far as weapons leveling, if i obtained the Lyuda at level 38, then the damage will never change, even if level up, correct? Confused on the leveling /weapons damage system.

Be sure you click the X for orbit view to visit places faster. I was several hours into the game and not implementing fast travel, duh :slight_smile:

By viable, do you mean in terms of getting the trophy/achievement for doing all side missions? For the other BL games, they had to be done on the same playthrough. So if you’ve done the majority on Normal, probably easiest to finish them in that same mode.

However, some of those side missions give top tier loot so it may be better to finish them in normal once you get to 50 (example - finishing all Hammerlock’s legendary hunts gives the Bekah). The road from low 40’s to 50 is a long one though! It might be productive to start TVHM until, say, you get to Sanctuary to get a head start on that, then go back to normal. Mobbing in normal, mayhem mode gives a lot of XP, especially if done offline since temp patches have reduced the XP given for that. Get it while you can! (Dang, can we even say that here?)

What i wanted to know is, do i need to do all the side missions again if i start in TVHM, or, since i finished the game in normal mode, do the side missions i completed carry over? I am still on the first playthrough, level 39 right now.

No, the side missions you completed in Normal won’t be completed in TVHM – you can play them all again in TVHM. If you want the trophy or achievement for completing them all then completing them on normal would be the fastest for you. You can repeat the important ones in TVHM for ones that give good gear.

Awesome! Thank you!
I think i will finish them on the current playthrough, then do again on TVHM. Appreciate it!