Minimum level for shotguns in vendors

Is there a minimum level that shotguns show up in vendors? I am splitscreening a lvl 1 character to try to get a low level x18 bangstick and all the vendors I visit have only pistols and smgs.

I have visited 10 locations (inc sanctuary) with weapon vendors, twice, and not seen a single shotty, let alone a bangstick. I am on console so load times are dreadful.

It’s for punchbot stacking btw (I have a lvl1 x8 monarch already)


just ran the same vendors with a lvl4 and got shotties but no Torgues. Am running a lvl11 now and seeing Torgue shotties so I guess that answers my question.

Your optimism is admirable, X18 Bangsticks are rare enough at level 65. You tryna get a low level one, I can hear RnGeezer snickering from here :rofl:

I’m gonna assume the new character bit is gonna be the only feasible way to make this happen. BUT IF you find one you’re my hero.

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If I find one I’ll send you a copy. Got lucky with a x8 monarch and used the lost loot method to get it at lvl1 :innocent:

TW, I am doing this splitscreen in a lvl65 M11 game host.

I would love a low level Bangstick, but I’m on XBOX. Supposedly we are gettin crossplay this year, so maybe then?

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If we get crossplay with PC, farming will be redundant :wink:

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