Minimum Level Requirement for PvP

With the new Training modes, Story Missions, and the Bot Battle, there really needs to be a minimum level requirement for doing actual PvP. CR 2 players should not be jumping right into PvP after the Prologue, yet they’re still doing it. Granted, there are those few players starting a new account or whatever, but those are few and far between. I do love trying help and encourage new players, but the best advice anyone can give such new players is, “You should do the Training, Story Missions, and Bot Battles before jumping into PvP.” At that point, though, you’ve already wasted 15 minutes or more waiting for a match, only to have an absolutely terrible match getting pummeled by a 5-man, pre-made team. It’s no fun for anyone and doesn’t encourage new players to stick around. A minimum level requirement somewhere between CR 5-10 would be ideal. It forces new players to learn some characters, earn some gear, learn loadouts and gameplay. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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No. Just no. Everyone paid for this game, and have the right to play it as they see fit, same as you. If they want to jump straight into PVP, without learning the game first, they’d be almost sure to have a bad time with or without the threat of pre-mades. That’s THEIR choice though.

In my opinion, such a route would be an example of a poor decision made with good intentions. People who like the way the game works will stay and stick through the hard times. We did. Others who don’t will leave, and that is their choice as well. It’s not up to us to decide what’s best for new players, and resrict their access to the game they paid for in the process.


Maybe you’re on a console, but on PC, it’s so hard to find a good game now. I see absolutely nothing wrong with putting a gate on PvP. Just because someone bought the game, doesn’t mean they can’t face a minimum level requirement. Plenty of games do that.

It’s not just their game, it’s our game. Training and story, it is their game when they’re playing solo, and playing with others in public missions, training, and Bot Battles is a fun and forgiving way to learn the game. As soon they step into PvP, though, it’s all of our games, and it’s not fair for the rest of us who bought the game, as well. Long waits and so many crappy games, I’m playing less and less. How is that fair to experienced players?

PC is such a sadly small population, that making a new player play some fun missions or battle some bots before going into actual PvP and mucking it up for the rest of us, is not a great burden at all. They have access to every part of the game except PvPing against actual people. If the Bot Battle weren’t there, then you’d have a point. They can PvP with other players against bots until they have at least some experience with how to play the game. Getting to CR 5 or so takes just a handful of missions or bot battles.

Like I said, there are plenty of other games that have a minimum level before a player can access the PvP portion of the game. Battleborn needs to be one of them. There’s enough content now where there’s no valid excuse not to have it that way.

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The excuse is that WE didn’t have to do this, so it’s morally unjust to force others to do so. I jumped straight into PVP, and my second match was against the ‘ol broken Miko/Kelvin combo, back before it was fixed. My third was a premade that absolutely THRASHED us. I stuck though it and bettered myself, because i REALLY liked the game despite what the other players did to ruin my first several experiences; that’s the ONLY thing that will keep new players from leaving. If they don’t like the way the game works, they will leave. Keeping them out of PVP until they gain this theoretical wellspring of knowledge at levels 5-10 isn’t going to save them from a pre-made; it’s not going to save them from the game’s unbalanced characters and wait times. At the end of the day, you either LIKE the game or you DON’T; and, unfortunately, not enough people liked Battleborn, and it’s suffering. ESPECIALLY you guys on PC. I hate it, and YOU hate it; but forcing new players to “learn the game” through level-locking is NOT going to keep them from getting stomped. I still get stomped PLENTY, but everytime i hear the characters’ dialog, i laugh and get through it. From what i gather from my friends who play, and the new players that i ask, it’s the same for them in some similar way.

I appreciate that you are trying to help new players to learn the game before they enter the brutal PVP mode, but taking away their ability to choose will do nothing but harm, in my opinion. After all, WHO likes having their options limited? There’s been all sorts of outcrys whenever the queues are messed with or changed, because players like the ability to choose.

To be honest, i firmly believe that locking all but a handful of characters was a mistake as well, and was responsible for quite a few people leaving. I had one of the WORST grinds just getting Toby unlocked, but i knew from the beta that i liked him, so i stuck with it. I can only IMAGINE the tough time new players are having trying to unlock the characters they think look fun; the characters that they MAY like enough to keep them playing. This is why i’m kind to any player under 40, and won’t attack them unless they engage me (or are actually really good), because i want them to experience what the game has to offer.

I’m gonna opt out of this debate, because i highly doubt that we are going to sway each other; our opinions on player retention are just too different. Good day to you, sir, and or, madam.


You’re on a system that is struggling mightily with player retention. I think the last thing you need on the PC is more gates of any sort. :slight_smile:

With that said, I think a gate to CR 5 or 10 would do absolutely nothing in preparing PC Battleborn players for PC battleborn PVP - - - - which from what Im told amounts to 5 man premade fights the majority of time. I dont think that extra 10 CR will prepare the new guy any better when solo queueing incursion on PC for the first time.

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That’s not a valid excuse. Just because you did it, doesn’t mean everyone else has to when the game has now enough content that nothing is excluded to a new player other than entering onto the PvP battlefield and wasting the time and lessening the enjoyment of their fellow players. It’s not just about saving them the harsh experience of jumping straight into PvP, it’s saving the nine other players who are hoping for an at least somewhat balanced game. Will the extra 5 or 10 CRs make them good at PvP? It will certainly help!

What CR lvl do you recommend PC pvp players get gated to so they can sufficiently prepare for 5 man pre mades in PC?

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Now thst we have bots pvp, players could be forced to atleast stay there untill cr lvl 3-5 when they can use gear.

I grinded for player masters and titles without Bots battle making it easy, so they should too… thats the mindset of Some people. I find that a slight gate, or WARNING: YOU MIGHT NOT BE PREPARED FOR PVP AND PROBALBLY WILL BE TRASHED with a procede and back out and play story option would go a long way to help new people, while carrying the GearBox humor we all know and love.


Some sort of humorous warning might be cool.

Strict level gating, not so much


Well, i’m back upon being qouted, because i think my point MAY have been misconstrued…

Yet keeping new players out of PVP until they are “knowledgeable” in your eyes is okay? Just because YOU think it’s good for them doesn’t mean THEY do. See what i did there?

My apologies; i thought we were BOTH being selfless in our own way, and that we both realized that new players are in a way more important than veterans, because Battleborn CANNOT survive with it’s current population.

Said fellow players had the SAME CHOICE when they bought Battleborn. Explain again how it’s right to force today’s new players to do so? Because they have “options” that we didn’t? Options that we can CHOOSE to utilize if we want? See the difference?

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I always thought that seperate game modes for this game would’ve been cool. Like matchmaking ques that will not allow players over level 25 to enter or something to ensure that n00bs get to play with n00bs and you don’t end up with the all too common 5 lvl 100+ veteran super squad versus one level 90, 3 lvl 2s and a lvl 10.

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I’ve said all I need to say in my three posts. If you don’t agree with them, all fine and good. Not going into circular arguments here.

Theoretically…they have this with the ELO system.

The ELO system will be reset shortly they said with the introduction of the solo/duo queue.



I’m sorry, but WHERE did you get THIS idea from? Surely not from my posts regarding bot battles, where i welcomed it as a way of helping new and PVE-oriented players alike. Surely not from my posts regarding the lore-challenge changes, where i welcomed it for the SAME REASONS. In fact, i seem to recall admitting that i myself benefited from the reduction in lore difficulty… So where is this “mindset” coming from, i ask?

Do not presume to know where i stand on issues without actually doing some research first, please. Actually, don’t do it at all, because it’s against the forum rules to talk about each other instead of the game.

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I understand your point, but I don’t think new players hopping into pvp is the problem. The problem, for a long time, has been the elite competitive players farming everyone else in the queue to the point of extinction.

In my experience, new players typically know that they’re inexperienced and don’t really expect to win a lot of matches right away. The normal progression is that they would do matches and learn the gist of the different modes and what they should be doing . Then there would be a gradual development where they would get better at strategy, learn team comps, etc. They would become intermediate players, which would hopefully become the bulk of the community. BB on the pc is failing because it doesn’t retain THESE people.

This is where, imo, the problem is. The people who made it that far, who got reasonably good at the game, got fed up with being farmed over and over again by the tournament clique. Why bother with pvp in a game where, despite having spent hundreds of hours learning and grinding gear, you are regularly set up against an elite team that destroys you–to the point where the people in your group are simply waiting for the surrender option so that they can bail and hopefully get into a match that is actually fun. A lot of the solid players I regularly played with have moved on to games like Paladins and Smite where they can actually have a reasonable competition.


I had added a couple lines right after posting that. You were too quick on the draw. ^_~ [quote=“sl0p0k, post:6, topic:1555677”]
Will the extra 5 or 10 CRs make them good at PvP? It will certainly help!

not in the PC world. Their problem IS population. And more interestingly, that is the POV that the OP is drawing from (he/she plays on PC if im not mistaken)

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Sorry, I should tell a mod to flag me… JK. Anyway, I think that a strict gate is unnessacary, but warnings should be given. And my point is, benefitting newer players with a lockdown is not great. Don’t worry, edit made, and I think I will give you, the ADORABLE, CUTE PENGUIN, A Hug, as you might need it to calm down.

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Please don’t let my tone mislead you; i’m annoyed, not angry. As i’ve stated before in other threads, text is TERRIBLE for interpreting one’s mood without an emoji (here: :expressionless:), because sometimes bluntness can be misconstrued as anger, sarcasm as ignorance, and so forth.

Like most people, i just don’t like false claims made about me, ESPECIALLY when there is plenty of evidence to the contrary. That’s all. We’re cool.

So long as you don’t call Toby cute again…

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