Minion Body Blocks

Gonna keep this short;

Is it me or it really is impossible to jump over the little enemy minions?

I’ve been body blocked by a single minion, that I don’t notice until it’s too late (I think it’s geometry and try to jump, but can’t even jump).

Is it intended for you to not be able to jump over the tiny enemy minions or is it a bug?

It’s intended. And super annoying. I’ve died many, many times due to minions surrounding me and I can’t escape

You need to have the double jump if you want to get over them.

I belive battleborns have diff jump hight just like speed but i would need to test it

It’s impossible. It’s especially annoying when you manage to walk through them one way just fine and then get encircled by them and can’t move.

Yeah, I was afraid so. I thought I was just being unluccky/bad. Hard to notice a little minion blocking your way when you have explosions, flashes, and flashing red health bars all around you.