Minion Kills Seem Worthless

First of all I just wanna start out by saying to any strategic player minions are very important, atleast in Incursion and Meltdown I (I havent played capture yet), because they can quickly destroy sentry shields and assist in damage, and in meltdown its obvious why they’re important to both kill and escort.
And anyone that knows what they’re doing understands that in BB.

But they don’t feel important outside of you telling yourself you’re saving your teams ass by destroying 80 minions while everyone else is hovering around 10-20.

Now the reason I say they “feel/seem” worthless is because while the minion stat goes up you’ll still have a terrible “Score”, and I know it’s a stupid thing to complain about, but I think the lack of incentive score wise makes newer players not view minions killing to be as important as it is.

I can’t tell you how many teams i’ve gone up against that kill my teams players way more but seem to ignore our minions so we beat them just because they ignored minions.

I mean look at this O3o…

The score for killing a player should obviously be way higher, but killing minions seems to not even matter score wise, and when the games point system seems to discourage what is the most important aspect of these game modes It makes sense some people seem to be only interested in pvp and not support or dealing with minions.

So to sum it up, can we get some incentive to play a support role?
It feels weird when I’m speeding around buying things and demolishing the other teams minions I’m having the worst score o3o
And like I said that kinda discourages that kind of play style by punishing them for not focusing on killing only enemy players.
And don’t get me wrong I’m big on pvp, but It feels lackluster when I’m in a match where playing support seems important (either because no one else is or we need it to push)

My pvp example lol:

(^From a game where I went primarily pvp)

I know this is kind of trivial, but I’d like the scoring system to better reflect more play styles


Personally I think that killing minions should score more than killing players. Then it just might insensitive players to actually complete the objectives. Killing players will not win you the round. But it’s human nature (and gaming programming over the years) for us to find other players to be a greater threat / trophy.

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Honestly I don’t think I’d go that far, maybe the amount of score for a player kill every 5 minions? (or 10 whichever seem fairer to the devs I suppose)

And thats kinda the reason I wanted to make this thread, most seem to see killing players as the ultimate goal of BB’s pvp games, and honestly I think it’s great BB isn’t a “kill the other player” only kind of game, granted its a big part but minions and supporting role can make or break your team.

I can’t tell you how many times i’ve seen a player horrible at pvp on my team that still jumps right into the pvp when support and minions would suit them better instead of giving the enemy team free exp from killing them x.x

So lets hope gearbox reworks the score system, it feels broken that arguably the most important part of BB’s pvp is considered to be worthless score wise

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I’ve raised this issue before, citing an example where I actually didn’t get any kills or assists but got top score on most other things, yet my ‘score’ was zero ie not giving me any credit for anything else.

Yeah, I agree with most of what you said in that.
I think removing the score would be more or an issue though since people would probably look at only kills instead of only score.
So in my mind the best solution would be to just add score in accordance to all the other stats.
Like I suggested above 5or10 minion kills = 1 player kills score wise, and it could just be built from there by things like getting thralls = 1 assist (same for summoning a big minion)

I don’t know, but I think we’re all mostly in agreement the current score system is broken.

I hate to sound like a broken record at this point but something should be done with the score to better reflect the wide variety of play styles Battleborn allows.
Minions and buildables are a prime focus in my playstyle (even when i pvp focus) so it’s always disappointing when I look over and don’t see any of my contributions on the score.

I main Orendi and she’s queen of AoE, dps, and minion destruction, so it’s always annoying when I’ve got the highest damage dealt and most minions killed and I still feel like i havent done anything because i didnt get as many kills and therefore score x3x

I agree with all of this minion and other categories should be reflected in the score. Have a system where each category you are best in automatically nets you point nuts.

Search the forums before you make a thread- GBX already said they’ll rework the scoring system.

Randy V did say they are adjusting this scoring, also going to include healing and more.

I don’t have all the details or timeline but it’s being addressed.

Yup what Derch said.
You should be rewarded for playing the objective, also Shielding (Reyna/Kleese) also counts as Healing points :wink:

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They need to scale score toward the middle of PvP and minions. As it feels now, if you can’t kill an entire wave of minions with an AoE, don’t even bother.

Scoring system should be different in Meltdown v. Incursion for minions

As a long time TF 2 player i like the scoring system there. You can be Top-Scorer just for playing Medic for example.

Maybe they can get some ideas from there.

Maybe just remove the “score” column completely, K/D/A/Minions/Shards etc.

I’m probably in a minority but it is kinda irritating to be playing to the objectives and having no score to show for it, without it people would probably take more notice of the other tabs.