Minions have too much health in Battleborn PvP

I hate how the minions have so much health. This damage is pretty overwhelming when in groups too. On top of that, enemy players will also be attacking you which takes your focus off the minion damages. It frustrates me to get focused on one minion for a long time and then have Ambra or something come up and kill me. I just wish the health was brought down by a lot because it’s hard to kill at least one minion without having it take away almost all your health.


It sounds like you might be playing a character that doesn’t have good wave clear. Some characters just aren’t meant to kill minion waves.


They did just yesterday reduce the rate at which minions become stronger.

Some better advice for you would be this, however: even if you aren’t dealing the killing blow, do some damage to as many minions as you can. You still get exp for killing them if a teammate finishes the job. If you see an opportunity to kill the shepherd though, focus on that one as it will make killing the rest easier.


Naw, it’s fine; it places more importance on having a good wave clear character on your team, and keeps Meltdown and Incursion from becoming 30 minute team death matches.


Did you say death match? Nerf the bots! Lol

No; killing other players is LITERALLY what Face Off is for.

You mean it’s not for killing varelsi and actually leveling at a decent pace while playing the mode as intended. Darn, i’ve been doing it wrong lol


I’m aware, I was making a joke. With the exception of overgrowth in which case I actually do miss the old minions

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I WISH that’s how people treated it… If i had a nickel for everytime i’ve needed to solo-fight the Varelsi and deposit masks, i’d have a sh*tload of nickels.

@Keadron, i figured you were being sarcastic, but my text-based sarcasm radar is, how you say… Non-existent. Haha. Had to be sure…

I hope you weren’t trying to kill them as Mellka…

You mean Melaka?


It just seems to me the minions are a huge tear-away to enemy players. Sometimes there’ll be those situations where the minions are attacking your sentry and you’ve got to clear them out but your damage is just not enough to get them out as fast since the enemy is pretty much shooting you as well because doesn’t everyone want player kills? This is just my opinion and I know the update reduced amount of minions but I thought they did just that because they didn’t want so many tough minions attacking the sentry so quickly. I don’t recall seeing the patch notes saying the team reduced their health or damage but I may be wrong… Again, it’s my opinion on this. That’s what forums are for, yeah?

Of course :slight_smile:
I love the minions though, slightly bummed they were nerfed a bit but they still feel good to me.

Oh you

If you find minions are a priority and it’s too difficult to kill them, play someone with wave clear. Like Marquis. Surprisingly good. Or Shayne. Let’s Take Everything works wonders

I play marquis almost all the time. He is good but again, it takes a little too long to kill a single minion :disappointed:

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Do you know where the critcal spot is on minions? That may be your issue.

Marquis can 1 shot minions, and destroys shepards and elites… not to mention thralls

Lol he can’t one shot in pvp. Since devs reduced his damage of the gun he can’t do that much. Also, I’ve tried a plethora of times when playing as marquis (he’s my main if you haven’t noticed) to kill minions in their critical areas. They don’t go down in one sitting… Now, if I were damage buffed by Ernest’s egg then there’s a high chance that I can kill in one shot at minions. But still… You can’t kill them in one shot because that’ll be “overpowered and easy”

Er, can he two shot them? I destroy waves with Marquis.

Im not too certain but I think if you hit the crits then maybe three or two shots. But one will just be easy peezy in modes with minions.

Ah, I don’t pay much attention to how many shots it takes to kill something with Marquis. I also run Symbiotic Gauntlet tho :sweat_smile: