Minions in Pvp matches

Is it me or are minion stronger than any battleborn

I wouldnt agree with that but I dont know their actual damage output. I do know that if youve attracted minion aggro while in a fight, the combined damage will be quite disadvantageous. But no, I cant say Ive felt like the minions were very strong on their own

Beats me, I kill them before I focus on anything else.

They have been buffed to the extreme. I’ll admit. They have a lot of life (little minions) and they dish a ton of damage. In 2 seconds a little one dealt over 300 damage to me. I’ve had a striker do the same thing for 800 and a shepherd on Meltdown do 1300 in 3 seconds. Not an exaggeration.

Take them out quick lol which depending on you’re character will take at least 2-5 secs a piece lol.

Sometimes they go down quick, again depends on your character, but other times they take forever and take half your life with them lol.