Minions need to be more discernible

Two things really annoy me about minions, namely the smaller ones.

The first is that sometimes I think a minion is dead, but it’s actually not. The small ones do this exploding like animation when they’re low HP and it’s easy to confuse that for them dying.

Secondly, at a glance, it’s sometimes hard to tell if a minion is friendly or not.

I wish these things were easier to notice. Some sort of colored outlining or something that disappears when the minion dies would be a great way to both see which side the minion is fighting for and whether it’s dead or not.

There are multiple indicators you can check to see if a minion is dead: crosshair stops being red, healthbar has depleted, xp notification and the explosion on death is much more noticable than the shocking animation. Furthermore,eventually you instinctively know when a bot dies.

I’ve seen on a video that there are colorblind options, idk if you can change the colors of the minions but maybe that can help you out. Also, enemy bots tend to face you and friendly bots away from you.

If you go into options you can change team colors. Changing team colors changes the color of health bars and the accents on all of the minions and spawnables (such as kleese’s rift wards). I changed my colors specifically for this reason so it was clearly visible what minions are whose