miniSNES Notes for Holiday Buyers

I know I bragged about snagging one in other threads, but it occurs to me with the christmas shopping season upon us it might be good to pass out a few general notes on this if you’re planning on buying one of these for yourself or a loved one this holiday season.

  • Get wireless controllers. They are somewhat expensive given the MSRP of the set, but are goddamn near a requirement. The controllers that come with it only have 4.5 foot long cables.
  • I recommend the “YOK” wireless controller over the Nyko ones. My only reasoning behind this is that the YOK controllers have a modified stick as the d-pad, which makes a lot of things easier. The NYKO one’s are more accurate to the actual SNES controllers, but the “modified joystick” thing makes a lot of things/moves easier. If you’re big on nostalgia, stick with those. Edit: Also worth noting, the YOK controllers require triple a batteries, while the NYKO ones can be charged via USB power thingy. This is a non-problem for me, but others may find it irritating/expensive.
  • When you get it, unless you have kids whoa re likely to overwrite saves, don’t lock any of the saves on the system, as it can lead to a situation where every save is locked and you can’t add your newest one. Feel free to lock important ones but… otherwise you want stuff fluid.
  • If you plan on modding, I highly recommend bigger guides so you don’t nuke the resale value of this very very very collector’s item piece.