Minor Ambra gear exploit

So I started using her lore legendary. One thing that I noticed is that gives you unlimited, no cooldown mini novas. The thing is that the damage doesn’t drop. I don’t think that it is able to break the game in any way, but I found it super useful in PvE. not sure how it’d fare in PvP.

Forgot to mention, it won’t break shard boxes. Not sure if this is because the novas aren’t supposed to deal damage when you don’t have any heat left, but yeah I found it interesting.

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its not a exploit pretty sure its supposed to be that way


I can’t imagine it’s an exploit. I certainly wouldn’t use it if it didn’t allow for infinite ranged attacks.

I doubt it’s an exploit. And just FYI, it is fabulous in PvP. I tend to use it and I get great results. I collect shards and support my teammates as much as I can until I hit lvl 7 when I start to throw down suppressing fire at an enemy team.