Minor complaint to Ellie

During a Dam Fine Rescue Ellie promises this for the technical she’s going to build for you "Just gotta doll it up with the some more bandit trimmin’s – spikes, blood, skulls, that kinda thing. "
Then you get the technical and dang it no skulls, no spikes, no that kinda thing at all, it’s just a plain truck with the chance to change the paint scheme.
I always feel let down by her for that. I want a deamon truck! Think the scenes in Serenity when Mal has bastardized the ship to get through the Reavers fleet to go to Miranda, that’s the stuff I want on my technical!


I hate that car in general. They should have just brought the Monster back and made it more bandity

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Yeah, the only problem being the Monster handled even worse that the bandit technical, which is saying a lot.


I disagree. It just took a particular touch to get it to handle. I never use anything else in tbone. The technical is a fish tailing atrocity. It’s like trying to drive a computer chair with a 300 lb weight strapped to it.

Probably true, I never played with it enough to get comfortable with it. The technical I can manage well.

In either event, I’m certainly hoping BL3 has at least slightly better driving mechanics.

And skulls and blood and corpses strapped to the vehicles!

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Haha yeah that always kinda bugged me. She tells you to go collect skulls and stuff but you end up collecting tires. Something evidentally changed during development and I guess they already had all the voice acting recorded, heh. :smiley:

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For any BL vehicle, I find the trick is to keep your view angle low. If you let the camera drift up high (which is the default when you spawn into a technical, possibly also for the Monster?) you’re much more likely to catch an edge or otherwise flip out. The barrel technical is way lighter and bounces considerably more (probably why it’s also faster). Personally I prefer Monsters in BL1 but Runners in BL2.

Also, totally agree about the skulls and spikes. But how many of the bandit technicals you encounter in The Dust have those anyway? I mean, you collect pieces which are supposedly those things, but I don’t remember seeing any on the vehicles before blowing them up. Really, the whole thing looks more like a con job to get you to blow up bandit trucks than actually get anything useful!


Same thing with the Technical, really. Accidents happen, ofc, but I like it.

I vastly prefer the Technical over the Runner. It’s all about knowing when to drift - the runner’s too twitchy and tends to bounce around far too much for my liking. Technical actually feels nicely heavy.


The sawblade one, yes. The barrel one, not so much. I did some direct testing on handling, and you can clearly see the difference in weight based on air time and jump height:


I’ve taken to driving the bladed tech (because of its stability) with, yes it’s true, Ellie’s Afterburner relic. And I always have the Rapier in hand when getting in :wink:

Wonderful for Dust and Badaboom farming.

I’ve always prefered the Barrel Technical. The Barrels kill the passenger bandits in the other technicals, and that means that they deal less damage. The ability to stagger both other vehicles and enemies on foot is another thing that helps you survive. Buzzards and Surveyors die really fast when you toss a few at them. But, I guess it’s all a matter of preferences.

I use the barrel for farming when I don’t want to pick up much XP. Finishes off enemies quickly, farming Gettle gives me just a few ticks of XP as I gathered Lyudas.
Of course I now have accumulated more than 300 Lyudas of almost every element and level, so I don’t do that much anymore.

Different weapons make them handle different?

All kinds of things can affect a vehicle’s damage.

  • COMs with melee boost (Ninja) will boost a tech’s blades.
  • COMs with grenade boost (Grenadier) will boost a tech’s barrels.
  • Explosive relics will boost a tech’s barrels.
  • Bladed weapons will boost a tech’s blades - the gun you have equipped when you enter the vehicle will be the one that affects the blades.
  • The Grog Nozzle can transfer its drunk effect (I’ve only observed a racer’s rockets, but apparently bullets from a racer’s guns can too).
  • All guns will transfer their crit bonus to bullets - the gun you have equipped when you enter the vehicle will be the one that affects the bullets. The Lady Fist’s effect is dramatic !
  • Bee shield will add its damage to any guns (but not blades, rockets or barrels).
  • Love Thumper will add its damage to blades…but also its nova self-damage which will blow the vehicle up quickly.
  • BAR
  • Krieg ’s Pain is Power and Silence the Voices (only).

Huh, that’s a known fact? I thought that was just a minor glitch meself. First noticed it when I learnt to bounce a technical into Boot Hill in the dust, only the barrel flavour one can do it.

I don’t know if the difference was entirely intentional, but it’s definitely how it is. I would have expected the barrel version to actually be the heaviest (since it’s got the launcher arm) and the racer the lightest (and fastest), but they’re not!

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