Minor Movement and Sound Issues


I have the PC Steam version, and my issues relating to movement are probably more specific to this platform. I’ve bought the game in many flavors over the years and I can really tell that the controls for the PC version feel like they have a bit of a delay. It feels like it’s some kind of acceleration which might work better with an analog stick, but not so much with a keyboard. Is there anyway to disable this?

Secondly, my issues with the sound, are actually issues that seems to exist in the original game, but hey if we’re polishing up the game into the best it can be, why not fix’em? This probably applies to the console versions as well.

For example, most Duke talk is omni-directional, so when you turn left and right, the sound doesn’t change.

However, when you go to tip the ladies in the club or when you first enter E1L4 and hear Duke say “I should’ve known the aliens booby trapped the sub,” and you turn left and right, the audio changes. If I turn left, I hear the sound more on the right speaker\headphone, and if I turn right I hear the sound more on the left. Basically, some sounds aren’t following his rotation even though they logically should.

I know it’s probably a tedious pain in the ass to go through each level and fix these issues, unless it’s a coding error from the original, but it would be a better sound experience.

Regardless, thanks for the game!

Alright, so the reason why inputs felt weird to me was because of VSync. I haven’t confirmed that VSync is forced on, but by going into the NVIDIA control panel and forcing VSync off, the input felt SO much better.

There doesn’t seem to be any option in-game that I’m aware of unless there’s something that can be changed through the console. Couldn’t find anything in the CFG file. Please Gearbox, of all things, please make this an option. VSync is horrendous with input lag in almost any game.