Minor Overgrowth Suggestion

I love this map but the one thing I think should be changed is the shock turret in the middle. I feel it should be replaced with a stinger turret. Shock Turrets give insane amount of xp so it puts the team on the defensive at an extreme disadvantage in that they’re forced to either leave the shock turret alone for it to shred their waves or they can destroy it and give the team with access to all the shards free xp all day. It’s lose-lose all over a 10m patch of ground.

Not a huge concern, it just feels cheesy to me, even when I’m on the winning end of it thinking “oh man I hope they nuke the shock turret so we can get free levels all game.”


I agree mostly with this. The problem I have is that I think I want a more impactful buildables there than the stinger. I already think they are not worth the price of shards to have. Maybe just tone down the experience gane from it? Out it in line with the thumper? Or even lower than that possibly.

I like the strategy of trying to take the shock turret. That’s it’s an important piece of the map control. But it spirals characters really out of control by destroying it and rebuilding it. What if we made it so that buildables that are contestable not only take the amount of time to be available to build but make it so that time doubles and after the first half of time the opposing team can build it but the prior owners can’t?

If that’s a little convoluted let me rephrase. Say it takes 15 seconds for the turret to be available to both party’s now. I would try to see it so that after 15 seconds the team that destroyed it can build it but the team that originally built it has to wait 30 seconds to have the opportunity again


Before Gearbox dicked with Incursion, for the worse, the Lightning turret was the objective.

  1. It gives a lot of exp because its a lightning turret. Lvl 3 is a full lvl 2 and lvl 1-2 give a lvl 2 if you get both. It also gives who ever built it last all the partial exp or exp it gains from killing minions.

  2. It gives a way for characters who get mad zoned from the wave cough melees cough a way to stay up on exp. It is especially good for your assassin type characters who spend more time trying to get picks then fiddling with the wave or power leveling.

  3. Having it bought and built gave you actual control over mid lane and not the fact you have them pushed up. No matter what, when it was up, could the enemy team ever fight you mid lane and win with the turret bought. lvl 3 shoots the entire teams shield off in about 1 second.

What it did and does. Let’s go with did, the games end by lvl 5 now anyways, was control rampant aggression; I.E just brawling or TDM. Previously as long as you just killed the melee minions off the wave you could fight the enemy team automatically. So any team who competently played could literally pick Thorn scatter the melee’s gone and then hit that go button. The ranged minions and the Striker actually couldn’t even remotely take the shield of the sentry.

There’s a legit reason it is there over other turrets. Is it needed so much after the Incursion changes. NO. The A.I. wins you the game now.

The competitive strat has always been if your team doesn’t have mid control, you don’t destroy the shock turret until your team is about to make a push to regain that part of the map. The only way people get tons of xp from the shock turret is if you keep destroying it with no follow up to gain control of the center.


I’m aware of that, as indicated, but it’s cheesy af. It’s completely illogical in the heat of battle that you’d ever let the opposing force hold onto a defensive asset because destroying it would help them too much.

The only issue about buildables that I think should be addressed, is the EXP given for building anything. Buildables should all have the same value in terms of EXP per cost.

Currently Stinger / Thumper / Supply / Accelerator give 8 EXP per 100 shards (24 EXP at 300 shards). The EXP given (including that of the Shock Turret) at lvl 1 is then multiplied x 2 when lvl 2 of a buildable is purchased and multiplied x 3 when level 3 is purchased. The only difference is that the Shock Turret gives 19 EXP per 100 shard cost as its base (as opposed to 8).

Currently EXP given for buying buildables look like this:

Shock Turret (300 / 400 / 500 shards): 57 / 114 / 171 EXP
Stinger / Thumper (300 / 400 / 500 shards): 24 / 48 / 72 EXP
Supply / Accelerator (200 / 300 / 400 cost shards): 16 / 32 / 48 EXP
Super Minion (600 shards): 50 EXP

I think that all of the buildables should get a standardized base EXP of 19 EXP per every 100 shards of a buildables’ lvl 1 cost.

If implemented it would look like this:

Shock / Stinger / Thumper (300 / 400 / 500 shards): 57 / 114 / 171 EXP
Supply / Accelerator (200 / 300 / 400 shards): 38 / 76 / 114 EXP
Super Minion (600 shards): 114 EXP

If implemented, then players wouldn’t be forced to choose between saving shards for a shock turret only (since it gives the most EXP) and could build what they need to actually build (for example allowing players to better defend when control of the middle is lost on Overgrowth). I think this would be a very good thing for Incursion. I don’t see any reason as to why there is a big difference in EXP given, and I do hope that this gets changed.

While I like that Shock exp is an option, I agree it would make for healthier Incursion in general if the exp gain from building it was brought into line with other buildables. Players should have a dilemna like, “Should I gain a level? Or buy the Giant Minion?”