Minor sound wishes AT-GBX

Hey @BitVenom @botman @joekgbx and everyone else…

You guys did it before perhaps you can do it again…

It’s basically just a minor wish and has absolutely 0 priority but it might still be nice getting it at some point once again.

It would be fantastic if you folks could re add the proper sounds for the probes and the proximity sensor and all other utility class vessels that the Homeworld1 units used to have.

I think in my personal opinion that these sounds were very lovely and gave those units and the whole game in general some decent charm back then.

Regarding sounds perhaps you could also research for a solution to enhance the sound engine a bit. Homeworld1 used to have a pretty good one. For example the mother ship used to play numerous different sounds under different circumstances.

When under attack you heard some sirens hauling - when harvesters were docking then you heard some docking mechanism sounds etc… You get the idea. It always was somehow sad that HW2 vanilla never had been given that same amount of love for details but with you guys now on board - who knows maybe you folks can bring that missing puzzle piece back in as well. :smile:

Of course again it has 0 priority. You’ve got more important things on your minds. I realize that and just wanted to share my thoughts with you. Also stay on the ball with each new patch this game is becoming more & more wonderful. Thank you. You guys are doing a fantastic job.

Ps: Let the Hw1 faction probes spin again and the Kadeshi multi beam frigates. :stuck_out_tongue:

@everyone else: If you would like to see that minor feature returning as well then please like this post or even give your own input in a follow up message. So that the devs can actually see if there’s some demand for it or not at all. :wink:


Creating these little soundscapes are really important, as its the stuff that’s happening in the background that can really help immerse you in a game. So I’m a hundred percent behind the return of these features and all the other little bits that didn’t make the transfer. Spinning Science donut anyone ? :smile:

Not top priority for sure but hopefully not forgotten about either.