Minos Prime Discussion/Destroyer (SPOILERS)

  1. We know it’s a love story to the Vault of Glass

  2. Scourge DOESN’T speak in Haiku like Zer0, he speaks in Iambic Pentamiter (consistent with all guardians)

  3. Scourge is pissed because we obviously didn’t kill the Destroyer … that being said we need to address a lore piece that has MASSIVE misunderstandings about it…

…Tyreen wasn’t a siren. When her father and mother killed THE LEECH it manifested itself in their unborn child by becoming a twin to (troy the siren). Tyreen literally attached herself like a leech draining all of Troy of his power. Being cojoined twins (she says it) she clearly was taking his power constantly (why he needed it, it was his) this is directly proven by how she attaches to ’ the Destroyer ’

She then used her powers as the leech to attempt to siphon the Destroyer

Since we know the Destroyer is Lovecraftian in inspiration, we know it didn’t die. Also Elpis essentially locked him back inside


This information ultimately has something to do with the Martyr.

But what?

  1. We know guardians have to sacrifice entire planets to keep the Vault locked. That’s addressed in TPS

  2. The Martyr constantly tries to trap you (considering this is a massive Destiny shutout we could ignore it if need be)

  3. The Martyr specifically uses purple eridium crystals to teleport you / summon you

  4. Suicide bombers. Scourge has an attack designed to Insta kill anything (provided they don’t get him). Is this a lore design? It kills you with modded gear too which means it’s Insta kill. (Hide or suibomb him)

  5. He frequently references that if you didn’t do what you did, this planet would be fine.

  6. Scourge actively disagrees with the Watcher from TPS and believes humanity is seriously bad news (or even the servants of the Destroyer if you let him ramble for the boss fight.

  7. Scourge DOESN’T die like Wotan, he UNWILLINGLY gets yanked in to a siren portal (it’s been confirmed that the portal that eats him works like siren powers. )

So then what exactly is his role ?

We have

The Warrior
The Rampager
The Gravewarden
The Traveller
The Sentinel
The Serpent (the leech)
Gythian (if he counts)
It also appears that Gahanna is a normal monster and not a vault one.

Just so you get a quick idea each Vault monster actually represents different Vault Hunters abilities.

But we are left with tons of questions still.

  1. What exactly were those vault monsters for ? It appears the Warrior and the Sentinel were meant to engage the Destroyer ?

  2. Where is Scourge going?

  3. What was Scourge originally meant to do ? Die fighting the Destroyer? (Theorizing that they lure the Destroyer to a planet to consume then destroy it from the inside like a bomb which is consistent with both Nekro and Minos). Did this obviously fail ?

  4. Where is the Watcher ?

  5. Sirens unlock this stuff. WHY ?

Feel free to answer some questions lol

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I’m puzzled about why you think that tyreen (that is A) female and B) has blue tats) is the leechs reincarnation and not Troy (who can’t survive without Tyreen, is male and has red tats).

To 8. It makes sense, we are basically killing most of the vault monsters that are practically key guardians for the lock that imprisons the destroyer.

To 10. Good question, it could be Tannis, doing what she did with the graveward.

My take on The questions:

  1. Vault Monster protect the mechanics that lock away the destroyer. By killing the vault monsters, we unlocked the key (elpis).

  2. I guess he was recreating the mechanic that powered the destroyers prison. Nyriad used them to power the machine, now he is using humans to power it up.

  3. Out there watching… I guess?

  4. I guess this all is based and possible with their powers. Nyriad probably consumed all sirens and gained their powers. Then she leeched energy out of the guardians (they’re basically pure energy, that’s why they are only shield bars; using an energy species to power a machine can also be found in the movie “Titan Æ”)

She then used the machine they built and powered it up with all her power via phaseshift. She/the machine phase locked and phase tranced/teleported the destroyer into pandora and used the anoint power to create vault monsters that act as guardians.

Apart from that, I am not sure how well they thought that through. In the end they might use the multiverse theory to justify what happened.

Okay i want to talk more but ill defend the first thing.

Tyreen has the ability to leech powers (which the serpent had)

She said ‘troy was attached to me shriveled up’

This directly proved itself again in the way she’s attached to the Destroyer (like a conjoined twin)

This means that she drained Troy constantly while they were attached.

If she’s got leeching powers AND troy has the ability to use Siren powers this could only mean that Troy was the Siren (which is why he is dying without the powers)

The only remaining theory that could actually disprove this would be Lilith would have to get sick too but she got the old 60’s hero moment.

As far as the machine thing… you mentioned Titan AE. Comic or show or what ? Id love to see what you’re talking about

Also I’m leaning to believe each Vault monster has a role. Hence their specific names.

I just don’t know specifically what

It’s an animation/cartoon mixture movie. It’s from the year 2000. I just dropped a major spoiler for it though…my bad. One of the favorite movies of my childhood.

And as far as I know, tyreen got her powers from Nyriad.
You are building that whole “Tyreen is the leech” theory on top of her fusioning with the destroyer and looking weird. If I could give an alternative to that, it would be, that she attempted to absorb the destroyer (to be a god), but overestimated herself getting consumed by the destroyer in the process. Hence the weird look.

Haven’t given much thought to the vault monsters names. Gotta think about that for a while.


Oh she got them from Nyriad… I didn’t even connect that part