Mirage on the dunes - Gaalsien Territories visual missinformation


In the patch 1.3.0 this bug was fixed and this thread is no longer relevant, its content will be kept due to historical reasons


I saw that, after mentioning the problems on Gaalsien Territories and on Taiidan Passage on the Shallows problem, those two bugs weren’t mentioned yet in here. So I decided to make this thread to add more information regarding those two “bugs”.

What is the issue with Gaalsien Territories? it is a combination of dune placement and default camera angle. This is the replay in which I experienced the problem:


This is the view of the extraction zone that you have on the bottom area of the map, using the default camera angle:

The problem with this camera angle is, when you move your baseruner to over the the dune, it looks like this:

And anyone would say it is inside, why it is not develiring the artifact? Because of this:

When we don’t look through the default camera angle we quickly realize that: the artifact zone is after the dune, and it is indicator is underground. Is this a gamebreaking problem like the one listed in “A Shallow Problem” thread? no, but eventually people will drop maps because of this, and no one likes to lose because of that appear to be an error in the game.

And again, following the Shallow’s thread, I would like to ask for a minimal fix on this. Since future patches for content addition requires thing such as a solid roadmap, working with estimated ROI, goals for the content in terms of sales and so on, maybe one patch a small one, just to fix this issues would be nice. I will be back soon with another thread regarding the Great Attractor on Taiidan Passage.