Mirrored Images In Game

I put in a ticket and was told to post here. I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but a few of the icons and character portraits are mirrored images. Phoebe and Deande’s character portraits are backwards, the Rogue icon seems to also be backwards (I assume it’s based on Reyna’s face and the Battleborn website and prologue has the star/eyepatch thing on the correct side), the Rogue Commander title icon is most definitely backwards (eyepatch and hair swoosh) and the Assassin icon also has the eyepatch on the left side. I know that Reyna’s shoulder patch has the eyepatch on the left side as well (was that on purpose?). I may have missed some, but I noticed these mainly because I play a lot of Reyna. Also, while staring at physical Battleborn marketing, I noticed most/all of the characters were mirrored. So weird. Anyways, I attached some screens to go along with my rambling. I don’t know if I have OCD, but this situation is making me feel like I do. It’s freaking me out!