Misc. questions/comments on Battleborn


1st off, I haven’t been this hyped for a game in a long, long time. Since playing Old WC3 DotA, I’ve always dreamed of a game that took the basic mechanics and threw it in a deeper gameplay genre (like an FPS or TPS). The graphics look great and the developer enthusiasm is infectious. All aboard the Hype Train!


The game holds lots of promise from what I’ve seen to be a long-term investment for both Gearbox and the players. With that said, will there be a point in the future that this game turns into a F2P-esque model? Much like TF2 was a boxed product and is now free. I imagine developing a traditional sequel for this type of game will be rather tedious in having to re-create and re-model the roster of characters and people will inevitably get attached to their Command Ranks especially if it gets as long-term as Badass ranks were in BL.

Will the PC version be a stand-alone launcher or use Steam?

Is there an endless ‘Horde mode’ type mode outside of the campaign co-op stuff? Because sometimes I just want the baddies to come to me.

What is the target game session length for the various competitive game modes?

Are there any pet-based battleborn? Mechromancer was the bees knees.


Randy P’s E3 interviews repeatedly brought up Miko’s asexuality which got me thinking. Now I say this with a purely scientific intent: If Miko is an asexual fungus which reproduces through spores, then ‘Cloud of Spores’ is essentially an orgasm-on-command button and should have appropriately inappropriate O noises when it is used and its face should be like -> :tired_face:

Also, when crawling through the new Battleborn site, I found a typo on Marquis’ Temporal Distortion ability description. ‘After’ should be ‘Alter’ I believe. https://battleborn.com/en/battleborn/marquis/

Anyways thanks for reading!

WHAT !!! You are telling me that there is a new website and that all the info is there !!! i have been analysing all the video, taking screenshot, cutting out all the icons etc etc…

OT: in one of the interviews Randy says sessions of +/- 30 to 45 min.

Battleborn is a full retail game for now (just like you bought Borderlands). i think that the game could be cut up as a F2P model depending on how well the game is received. other publishers have done something like that.

A horde mode with challenges and rewards could work, haven’t hear anything about it yet.

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I don’t think it will go f2p since it would ruin multiplayer.

How do you go about implementing f2p?

The most obvious answer would be allowing the multiplayer to be downloaded for free.

All maps/game modes would have to be included to avoid splitting the playerbase.

They’d need a couple characters to play as, maybe 5? (1 from each faction, to get a feel for them see which ones to buy)

But now you’ve given away a large chunk of the game for nothing on the gamble that people will pay a premium for the rest of the content ($5 a character or spend $60 to get everyone + the campaign) which means the only way to profit from this is the crowd who wants <11 characters but no campaign, this is a small crowd.

However a large chunk of f2p players never spend a cent, which means variety in online would be ruined by an influx of f2players using their free characters.

It simply wouldn’t be worth it, for 2k’s profit or BattleBorn as a online community.

The site is getting really nice. I’m going to have to start updating the character threads with all that info

What? The game screams for F2P.
-Rotational characters weekly.
-Spend real money to buy characters or in game money earned from matches.
-Real money on cosmetics

There are a lot of games that do the same thing and are successful. hell, KI a fighting game got the F2P model to work.
This game being full price has a very high chance of being another Evolve, or even worse, ol’ mate Dawngate rip ;-;

Evolve is awesome.

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awesome game with a dead playerbase. Dead playerbase = no money on dlc.

yeah i’m updating my website now.

btw. Evolve gets new DLC characters + Monster


Wow, great post 2Bit_Hack!

Some quick answers.

MentalMars has already answered this, but to confirm, our plan is to support a full retail launch. It will be a veritable deluge of content for you guys. What happens after that largely depends on you guys. How much do you like and play the game? With Borderlands, we offered a lot of DLC content, and different types of DLC content. I’d love us to do that and more with Battleborn, but that’s the discussion we get to have after we get the initial content in great shape.

Steam. Similar to Borderlands, it lets us integrate your steam friends list and such to make it as easy as possible to party up and find people to play with.

Our Story Mission/Episode/Quest/Things, which each unique with story and campaign content, are being designed around ‘mode’ concepts. Several of them feature horde-themed gameplay which should give you the experience you describe here. Thinking about them like game modes also makes them interesting for replay…it’s not quite the same experience every time. None of this content is being designed to “fire once and forget”. I’m hoping we all love to come back and replay many times to try different characters, unlock new rewards, and face different challenges of play.

That’d be cool wouldn’t it. :smile:

Marquis has Hoodini his owl. It’s not quite the pet class you’re talking about, but there’s a little of that vibe there.

Also there’s XXXXXXXXXXXXXX, which will probably give you more of the pet play vibe than that.

Iiiiiinnnnteresting. I had not quite thought of “Spores” like that, but you might be right. Something to think on.

Oh yeah. The paint’s still very wet on this one. I’m sure that’s not the only type.

Also, for you and Mr. MentalMars both - those numbers on the website? Take those with a grain of salt. They are by no means final yet.

Yeah i already guessed that, but it’s a good indication for now. At some points i had: “it deals more damage” instead of it deals “+15% damage”. Balancing is still in progress and will continue even when the game is released. I must say i guessed some of the power/health/range/speed stats, but i wasn’t far off with most of them.

i planned some other stuff too do today but you guys keep me busy with Battleborn intel.

BTW. i hope you go for the 4 difficulty settings.

easy - beginner (my wife)
normal - regular player
hard - for the battle hardened player, but still possible on solo
insane - only good teamplay will get you through this

So “Cloud of Spores” is gonn get this game an AO rating then, I guess.

Maybe they should also blur it out like the dwarf upskirts :wink:

HOODINI! My favorite.

And oh man, XXXXXXXXXXXXXX. @Jythri, you’re such a tease.

So XXXXXXXXXXXXXX is someone else then CSSSSSSSSSSSST right ?


CSSSSSSSSSST was our forum codename for “Hawkman”, right? Either way, yeah.

This is the first time I’ve teased XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.


Wasn’t “CSSSSSSSSSSSST” the photonic spelling of XXXXXXXXXXXX?

It wouldn’t shock me if XXXXXXXXXXXXXX is the real name of a blank man type character

Actually, if I REALLY wanted to be a tease, I’d use the right NUMBER of replacement digits, like this:




Sandman - wish I was smart enough to have thought of just actually naming a character XXXXXXXX. How would you pronounce that, I wander? KSSSSSSS or SHHHHHHH or ZZZZZZZZZZ?

It’s simple, you make a running joke out of it and have everyone refer to them with a different pronouciation.

I pronounce that however you pronounce the sound you make when you cough uncontrollably after water goes down the wrong pipe.

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