Mismanagement of events once again

This is the second time the live team was planing to run and event BEFORE a level cap increase :rage: :triumph: :weary:
This is one of those situations where people had a lengthy discussion as to why the last level cap was met with so much disdain. I guess will summarize again why it was less then ideal.

The Events: Running an event and then dropping a level increase right after left a lot of people extremely burnt out of the very basic game play loop that hasn’t expanded much in 10 years. Many of us don’t mind the simplicity and the desire to maintain that simplicity but when the game frequently encourages us to frequently partake in tedious levels of farming we will get a bit upset. These live events shoud be a communication that “Now is a good time to play” instead the message is “It will be a good time to play in about a week.” That is bad communication. It tells us there is not logical decision making process behind when and how long these events go for. This lack of communication hurts your reputation.

The Levels and the farming: Small increase putting players in this awkward place where gameplay and builds haven’t changed much at all but we now need to recollect gear to find ourselves back at full power. The small increase is easily earned and lacks any scene of accomplishment when completed in a few hours. It also feels like we are fighting to be at a moving goal post.

Doing two so close together feels like a catch up move but it creates the same problem over again. As many have said a larger increase makes it all feel more worth while. As a person who is on and off based on my weeks (more off then on these days) I believe the post launch team should be looking to satisfy and service the active players who commit hours and hours each week to this game. If you gradually add content the players who are in and then out for longer periods will still be satisfied upon returning due to the number of new things to do.
Forgive me if I am wrong but I don’t think the majority of use want to be spoon fed minor content updates every month that don’t add much meaningful or fresh content to the game at large. I would rather wait for level increases to be lined up with new content like they are doing this time. These live events, content updates, and level increase need to be more coordinated as they all feed in to the live service experience the team is attempting to deliver.

I guess you missed the news that the event is extended into April? Check the announcement in the BL3 News section.

Closing this thread since, at this point, the discussion is moot and there are already existing threads for the level cap increase.

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