Miss Glory Lore Challenge - Stuck!

I seem to be perma-stuck at 12/25 on the “My Dear Miss Glory” lore challenge. Does anyone have any tips for getting this done? “Damage 3 enemy Battleborn with a single use of Bola Snare”: does this mean I have to have the bola simultaneously hit three BB grouped very closely together? Or have it bounce between them? Or does it require a specific helix choice? What, exactly, triggers this one?

Helix R-4 (Bola bounce toward major enemy) and M-6 (fires 3 bolas), Incursion choke points.
I know you play bots battle, I highly recommend Monument: the 2nd sentry choke point is great.
Works even better if you party up wiith people who agree to drag the match out a bit since you need to reach level 6.
It sounds tedious but I’ve done rather quickly, just need a bit of luck and timing
I will once again be more than happy to help. :slight_smile:

Edit: Someone correct me if I’m wrong since I’ve done this a while ago but if I remember correctly, there is a small glitch and hitting 1 enemy from very close with the 3 bolas from M-6 count towards completion.


I wondered if I needed the bounce. I think my 12 were all from when the bola could bounce three times. Now it’s only 1 bounce, it makes it a lot harder to hit multiple enemies.

I’m guessing L9 (explosive hit) might also work, but the odds of getting there in Bots Battle are pretty slim (unless 1 or more players drop out.)

Any gear suggestions? I’d tried earlier going with cool down and heal power, but i died way too often in that match and really didn’t contribute as much as I should have.

  1. Make a gear load with Sprint, Health pump and damage reduction, just cheap gear will do.
  2. When the match starts ask everyone to leave the last sentry. Most times people will agree.
  3. As mentioned stalk the choke points.

Took 2 months to finish, Story and Bots:

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