Miss moxie dlc for ps4

someone know when the new dlc arrives on ps4? or if it released already where to find it?

I would like to know as well, some people on my friends list is already playing it

i think we have to wit until 18:00. Borderlands 3 Hotfix + Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot! [12/19/2019]

I’m playing it now.

Lucky you its telling me to buy it even though I have the season pass

Same it’s saying I have to buy it :angry:

I downloaded it last night from the store. Good news is the legendary drops seem to be pretty common. I’ve got two new class mods and a new heart breaker shotgun from badasses and I’m playing on Mayhem 2 for the first run.

Yeah i see ts there on the ps store but its saying I have to buy it although I have boight the season pass

the same problem here.also have a season pass. but they ask 14,95 for the dlc. dont think i gonna play the dlc this evening. and not suprised if it stay like this until the new year. gearbox is ■■■■■■■ it up again. and vacation is more important for them then doing there job right.

same here even though i have been in and out of the game multiple times

I too am told to buy the dlc even though I have the season pass.
Hopefully this error will be resolved soon enough.
This might be a problem with the psn store though
Has anybody else have this problem on pc/xbox?

Veo que no soy al único que le pasa lo del DLC, esperemos que vean el error antes de sus vacaciones xD porque yo estoy ansioso por empezarlo

Creo que los usuarios de Xbox están teniendo el mismo problema

Then I hope that this will be fixed within a day

Hi sorry to butt in. You said you was playing the DLC despite it telling you to buy it with the season pass allready installed. How did you get around it I’m facing the same problem.

I can see it on the store, but the notes say it’s already on our system.

I’m assuming there will be a DLC update…

And that PS4 download is for people without the pass…

I’m hoping…

Playong on M4 and no legendary ANOITED drops. Loke whats the damn point of M4. All the damn legendaries should have a anoit or most at least.

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The dlc is now free for me (as I have the season pass), so apparently the problem has been fixed.
Hopefully it has been fixed for everybody

the poster in game kept telling me i needed to purchase the Moxxi dlc. i found that i had to go to the PS store to download the Moxxi DLC