Miss Moxxi's bad touch

Every time I tip Moxxi she keeps giving me the good touch and i have tipped for a couple of days now. Can you not get the bad touch anymore?

You can only get it once per character, not playthrough but per character you start. So if you get it in normal you never get it again.

^^^What he said. The only way to get it again (in a legit manner) is to trade for it or have another character on an alternate account tip Moxxie- the new character will get the Bad Touch, which you can have your primary character trade for or just take from Moxxie directly…

In addition to the responses above, just want to point out that while it’s really nice to have a levelled Bad Touch when you go to places like Opportunity, there are plenty of other corrosive weapons in the game that will give you more DPS. You won’t get the healing with them, but there are other ways to deal with that.

Guess all I’m really saying is the fact that it’s once per character isn’t really a huge deal and, as @Carlton_Slayer pointed out, there is a way around the problem using mule characters.

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oh thanks for that