Miss playing Borderlands with buddies! Co-op, anyone?

Blegh. I’m new at this. I don’t normally seek out buddies to co-op with, but it’s been a bit difficult to finish the game, solo. Anybody willing to co-op with me? Can start a new character, or lv16 Claptrap or lv37 Wilhelm. Only DLC I’ve got is Claptastic Voyage; can use either headset or Skype.

PSN is pk1337


I currently have a lvl 21 Aurelia, lvl 60 Wilhelm, lvl 50 Jack, lvl 16 Nisha, and lvl 50 Claptrap. I have the Claptrap DLC as well. I live in the eastern time zone and I have a mic and would prefer to play with people that have mics.