Missable red chest and other content

I wonder if there are many missable red chest?

I ask because I am doing the game again in TVHM and beelining the main story…

And I plan to complete the map later… But I’d like to be sure I might not missing something accidentally like Marcus redchest on the very first map, where you only get the chest if you also bring human spine. And you get only two chances (normal and TVHM story)! :open_mouth:

Apparently it’s a good idea to save crew challenges until you’re level 50 as they don’t reset in different modes

well… the rewards do not matter much… what matter is I can 100% the content!
And … I am level 50 now! :smiley:
Trying to (but failing :open_mouth: )to 100% each map as I was going through the story! :slight_smile:
Now I use Google to find what’s missing… :stuck_out_tongue:
But thinking it might be easier and less frustrating to beeline the main story first and then roam each map at my leasure…

Technically speaking, you can’t miss anything because you can replay everything in tvhm. Even if you miss it there, tvhm could be reset.
But yes, there are a couple red chests that you could miss, and I believe they’re all rewards for the optional objectives from certain quests.
Do all of the optionals, if you want to play it safe.

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Oh… really? how?
I mean if I have to restart from Pandora it would be a pitty though…
Maybe I should complete the game in normal first, just to be sure / safe! :frowning:

When you select your game mode you should see a reset option when you scroll over tvhm

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I am in the same situation. First of all, I watched the videos, and I would be very surprised if I missed that red chest. So, I think there may be a bug.

I hope this isn’t missable, because that would be frustrating.

What would be nice is if there was a way to redo a mission. I don’t know any way to just redo one mission. Who knows? Maybe there is a way, and I just don’t know it.

Normal or true play-through? If you take the “skip intro” option in TVHM, it whisks you straight past the red chest with the shield just before confronting Shiv, and you can’t get it after the fact. I think that chest still counts towards the total though? The only other one I know of for sure is the one on Athenas associated with the Brewery side quest.

Just to clarify, I am playing in TVH mode. The chest that I don’t have is for Moxxi’s Heist. It’s the one behind the door that Timothy has to open using his Jack hand. I can’t get back in the door.

there’s only 2 “missable” red chests, 1 on Athenas that requires you to collect pickled ratch livers in the Holy Distillery for that…um…“peaceful” monk that runs it. and the one behind Marcus’ vending machine in the Droughts, that requires you to bring him a human spine. (on repeated playthroughs you can miss the red chest in Covenant’s Pass, but you should have opened it on the 1st playthrough when Claptrap has you search for a shield.)

And in the Handsome Jackpot dlc, red chests currently don’t count toward map completion. (so you can definitely miss a few) I know I missed the one under the Clapstructor’s reinforced beam on my first run through there. but again doesn’t count toward map completion and there aren’t any permanently gated chests in the DLC aside from the ones that Timothy reveals with his winning hand as soon as you meet him (which is locked after that point and can only be opened once), but typically you should collect that normally during the DLC story.