Misseable red chest on Athenas

So I did the Holy Spirits side mission but didnt mind to do the optional objective (harvest livers from some creatures), as I thought the extra reward would be only XP and money, like in all the other games of the series. Turns out the reward was the access to a red chest. Now I cant 100% the map, cause I have no access to the chest anymore.

I hope some dev look it up and patch this, cause it’s a poorly game design, locking things behind optional objectives and it’s very frustrating for the player.


same: i couldn’t figure out what he was talking about re access to their weapons cache, got bored looking and gave up. and now i can’t get 100% on the map - annoying

Guys, I was mistaken. In fact, the chest I was missing is on the temple at the end of the stage. Maybe you are missing one of the other chests on the stage.

I make sure to do everything because i hate the possibility of missing something :open_mouth:

so you will never play another character/

same, but once you notice the creautres, its really obvious imo

This is actually my situation. I opened that other chest and I’m still at 1/2. When I return to the ratch nest the guy says the line “take the livers” but I can’t do anything and the door is closed.

Hope the devs at least make the mission repeatable or something.

On the comments of this video it says you can still unlock it if you join a game of someone who already unlocked it.

I found a way around the barrier entirely. Are you guys still having a problem with this?

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Yes and how?

When you are in the room perpendicular to the one with the chest,
1.face the locked door
2.jump onto the pipe connected to the wall on your right hand side
3.jump from said pipe onto the smaller set of pipes lining the roof (you should clip through the roof)
4.walk as far as you can to the right after jumping up
5.face the wall (towards the chest) and jump towards the wall, you should grab onto a ledge and be able to walk forward and left to drop down into the room.

Note that you must be disconnected from the internet when you launch and play the game, there was a hotfix that fixed the collision on the roof


I just stumbled across another method searching for a solution to this problem myself. I have found ac clip that works online and on the current patch for anyone still looking. It isn’t too hard to perform but may take a little practice and patience to get right


Legend :+1:

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you’re a life saver, man. thank you

why wouldnt you just harvest the livers…its part of the mission…wait let me guess…you were in a hurry lol…im glad i play and do EVERYTHING in the first playthrough but i do agree it shouldnt be locked but make sure u do everything from now on and u wont miss things like this

Dude it totally worked. Thanks so much!!

Merci :+1:

Than you!

to be fair, the very 1st red chest in the game is missable if you don’t get Marcus a bandit spine.

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