Missed BL2 TTAoDK ending?

I’ve never seen this before… not sure why? Had videos turned off and now they’re on? Mashing the ESC button to get going? I’m sure this isn’t new (I just replayed it after resetting UVHM, and have gone through it maybe a dozen times before with other characters and playthroughs). At the end of Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep, after you take care of business with Handsome Jack and Buttstallion restores the kingdom, the game always just continued for me. I just now saw the ending piece where they go visit the area shown below for the first time. :fish:

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And then Claptrap said something stupid and ruined it!


Yeah I don’t know. Sometimes I get the cutscene and other times don’t… But TTAoDK is full of glitches. Before you fight the handsome dragon when you climb the tower. I often get trapped in the a room with a locked gate for like 8 minutes… That’s why I don’t like doing Dragon Keep.

Loved that shot there at the end. Coincidentally, I got something in my eye at that very moment…

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I know which one exactly! And coincidentally, my allergies came on…sniffles* :wink:

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