Missed "fire" (mouse 1 clicks) in combat and in collection management - altered double-click speed

(Cosmic One) #1

Description Summary:

Happens on PC running Windows pro 7. Server does not seem to be executing mouse 1 clicks in a random fashion. Appears to have focus and mouse 1 click is acknowledged with an audible click, but does not execute action. Please note that when this happens, an audible click occurs when it FAILS to execute the action. When it does properly execute the action, no click is heard.

Observed Results:

In combat, clicking mouse will fail to fire weapon. An audible click is heard, but weapon does not fire. This happens if weapon has not been fired for long enough that you are outside the fire-rate window (are NOT spamming the fire button before weapon can fire again after having just fired). I got it to do this in the arena in two games. Does not do it in the Dojo. Did not try to reproduce in a ranked or challenge match.

In the Collection screen, you can click on cards in your currently displayed deck or over in the “available” section. Sometimes the mouse 1 will simply execute and select the card with no audible click. The data for the selected card shows at the bottom of the deck window as expected. At seemingly random intervals, you can click on a card and hear and audible click, but the card is not selected. The card data at the bottom of the deck window does NOT change. Also, when you get the audible click, the card moves up in and out as if it were a physical button - without executing the expected action. When the action is performed normally, does NOT display the “pressed button” animation and there is no audible click. In both cases, the card does show focus with with a glowing border when you mouse over it. The audible click sound and button press animation is essentially the same as what happens when you click and hold to move a card, but happens with zero movement of the mouse. It is like the mouse movement is hyper-sensitive with no hysteresis.

I did check to see if it was a subtle “lost focus” issue (some other program on my machine stealing focus momentarily) by clicking on an outside program window and then clicking back inside the collection on one of the cards. I could NOT get this to reproduce the non-executed click issue. You can hover over the same card and repeatedly click the mouse and it will not give an audible click. You have to move to another card to get it to exhibit the “missed click with audible feedback” behavior and it won’t do it every time.

The game also seems to be messing with my system double-click speed. In the Collection window, double-clicking a card brings up a video window of the weapon in action, but the double click interval is very short - as compared to what it takes to execute a regular command on the desktop - like opening a folder.

Steps to Reproduce: 

Play a game in arena or select cards in collection to view details. In combat, you can stand still and wait for an enemy to show up, having fired no shots for several seconds - then draw a bead on them and fire. Only an audible click occurs, but weapon does not fire. Go to Collection screen as described above and move from card to card, clicking once to select each card.

Expected Results: Mouse clicks that work like they are supposed to. 

Build #: 2149029


Noticed it first in combat. Thought it was a “reverse ping discrimination” timing issue. My ping was 60-62, opponent was 160-165. I would click fire and no shot. Makes a click sound. Seems like server received click, but didn’t execute shot. Click it again and it fires - with timing and aim off. This happened a few times during two arena matches.

In the Collection window, I was trying to build new decks and look at the individual card stats. It is subtle, but frustrating to click on a card and it is not selected, then have to click again to get the data to display. I became mostly concerned because I thought it might be tied to the missed fire clicks I was experiencing in combat.

(1157) #2

I too have noticed on selecting card’s that you have to click twice (or more) to get the info to pop-up.