Missed Opportunities for Raids

So, I’m playing the Claptrap DLC and get to the Temple of Boom mission. With its location, I think it’s a pretty good spot for a raid fight. I also think that the Denial Subroutine would be a pretty awesome boss fight. Of the new enemies in Claptastic Voyage, which do you think would be great raid bosses?

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And the ones you mentioned…

Also, i was really hoping the Overlook “Next Vault Hunter” contest was going to be a Circle of Slaughter or combat tournament!


I disagree. Borderlands 2 had too many. Yes, one more would’ve been nice, but Eos feels like a raid boss to me, so I’m content with what was given to us.

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There were a lot.

5 in total, I think, including DLCs?

Bandit, Creature, Hyperion, Tina’s, and wasnt there one in Torque’s DLC?

I disagree with your disagreement. One of the few things that this game really lacks is multiple ratid boxes so that the endgame is strong with continued theory crafting and experimentation. It hurts this game badly IMHO.


Raids, I think there were more:

Pyro Pete (hardly)
Master Gee
Ancient Dragons
Son of Crawmerax

Circles of Slaughter, though, there were four. I don’t recall one in the Torgue DLC.

Old BL had one raid, Crawmerax. It had a few circles of slaughter, and I don’t remember all of them.

I could live with another raid, if only a raid version of the DLC boss. It could certainly use another slaughter, with shugguraths and raythids and torks. And the Dahl slaughter could use a badass round. That was just too easy. Easier than Fink’s…

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The closest was the Horde of Horrors tiers 1-3, with repeatable tier 3 (see also Bar Room Brawl and the Buzzard one in the Forge.) Not quite the same level as the final round of Murderlin’s Temple, but you’re against the clock so it can still be quite intense.

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Ah, those are what i was thinking of, thank you.

EOS is NOT a raid boss at all. You try comparing him to the Dragons, or Vermi, or hell, Terry and then you come back.

EOS is not even hard. It’s about time this game got a true bossfight.

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Earworm as a raid boss would be a nightmare. I was too stupid when I did the mission the first time and I didn’t know it would submerge if I didn’t kill it fast. So I ended up hearing the song over 1 000 times.

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Oh i meant Circles of Slaughter.

And i only have the first three headhunter packs…

Eclipse/EOS can be considered one, considering he has a huge healthbar as soon as you have to fight him.

I knew there were 5 CoS’s!


Of the head hunter packs, only the Invincible Son of Crawmerax is really raid boss level. The other four are more like Bunker/Warrior level, which is easier.

Really, a “Raid Boss” should be one that is impossible to complete solo, or nearly so. Of course, all the raid bosses are routinuely soloed, although you need top tier gear and/or above average amounts of skill to do so.

Yeah, at least 4 of those are simply NOT raids. Thanks for playing.

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Now throw in three good circles of slaughter and an excellent magic circle of slaughter as well as tough great sub bosses like
BA Rex

The Bar Room Brawl

And about 10 superb mobbing maps.


you where using one of the cheating strategys, like mongol spamming or the luck cannon right?

Since when was the luck cannon cheating?