Missed Opportunities for Raids

Maybe I’m just seeing this wrong but okay let’s drop forur from the list of 13. By my simple math that still is a 9 to 1 or 9 to 2 advantage even if you count Eclipse/Eos as a Raid.

9-2 fellas…9-2

Now let’s compare arenas/Cirles of Slaughter
TPS = One excellent, one good, and a halfway one if you count the Dahl combat area
BL2 = three very good, one excellent and a half if you count the bar brawl. Not to mention a superbly difficult didgistruct peak.

So by my simple logic 5 1/2 versus 2 1/2.

Part of the reason for this is a lot more content was released with BL 2 but even if you stripped out much of the extra content the endgame value was still there.

And I know this has been harped on till people are blue in the face. But the real value of borderlands 2, the reason folks stuck with the game so long was because of all of the different things you could keep doing AFTER finishing the story line. Competing, farming, theory crafting, trading, rebuilding, experimenting, etc. that one could do once you finished the main storyline. And whether folks will agree with it or not in my opinion that was the real difference between the two titles. And what kept the Fanbase interested and the excitement level high.

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It’s not, it’s in the game and it’s totally legal. But then again I am one of those players that was never afraid to use the Bee shield if I thought it gave me the right advantage and it suited my fancy. Though there were people I played with who felt it was OP and really didn’t want me to use it. I respected that when I played with them. And the Bee was also like at narcotic that you could get hooked on and then not enjoy some of the other wonderful weapon combinations that would do almost as much damage. You had to ration yourself if you truly wanted to enjoy everything the game offered IMHO.

0P8 however, all bets were off, the B came out whenever I needed it regardless. And it truly was a Glass Canon at that level. I think exactly what the designers wanted it to be…heavy damage but heavy risk.

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And the luck cannon isn’t cheating. But I mainly used the Viral Marketer for him when he’s without his shield.