Missed opportunities

I’ve already played the game for like little over a week and I’m already bored of it. There’s literally nothing to do, or more precisely: there’s no point in doing that. I can easily melt every content the game can offer even with “mediocre” gear, so what’s the point of improving it?

My personal biggest letdown would surely be raid boss lacking
I mean, as far as I can tell (I may be wrong though), B1 and B2 had such raid bosses available at launch, at least that’s how I remembered it. You had the incentive to progress - that was the fun part for me.
Although we can’t be sure there isn’t one in B3, the informations we’ve gathered so far let us believe that there should be, but we either didn’t figure it out how to spawn it, or it’s simply not yet implemented (even though it was presented at some pre-release gameplay footage). Judging by how easy it was in previous games to find it, I assume they didn’t implement it yet for some reason - that’s a bummer.

My second personal letdown is no boss-specified loot
Simple as that, 90% of loot is a world drop and that doesn’t make me excited at all.

My third and final letdown is… trials
At first I was like “YAY!”,then I was like “meh…” and a few more trials later I was like “No.”
Dunno if they were designed to be “the ultimate endgame activity”, but if so, something certainly didn’t go as planned. They are not rewarding AT ALL. I’ll just pass on how would I improve them, cause there surely were a lot of topics regarding this subject.

These are my main complaints, but there are many more like: performance issues, QoL changes (skippable cutscenes, storage) and so on. Really can’t belive the 4th Borderlands game have so many flaws, like… it supposed to be a diamont, but in the end it’s only a cracked brilliant.
If I could go back in time, I would certainly wait a bit before buying the game, maybe like steam-release-a bit. The game itself is not bad but I expected more, I dunno.


The trials are a let down, try doing the slaughter circles. Especially the slaughter shaft one.

No, the smartest thing they did was not add the raid boss. Before you dismiss me, there are currently 2 characters in the game that can one shot anything, and it’s rather simple to replicate.

Most games that release wait a bit before releasing raids / raid bosses specifically for that reason. Idk if this game was tested before release with all these bugs and glitches that plague this game. But, with over millions of players playing their game, someone’s bound to find something game breaking.

I do agree with you that the trials are a real slap in the face however, I don’t believe end game was looked at with a fine comb