Missile Barrage - Benedict PVP Build Guide (Updated on 1.05)

I made a build for Benedict I call “Missile Barrage”. Here’s the guide for it!


Character Rank 12 (Phoenix Protocol helix)
Complete all of Benedict Lore Challenges (Benedict Legendary)

Helix Selections:

1 - (RIGHT) Persistent Projectiles
2 - (LEFT) Make Some Room
3 - (LEFT) Ready Rockets
4 - (RIGHT) A Murder of Rockets
5 - (RIGHT) Tailwind
6 - (RIGHT) Heavy Bombardment
7 - (RIGHT) Surgical Strike
8 - (LEFT) Frequent Flyer
9 - (RIGHT) Party Starter
10 - (MIDDLE) Phoenix Protocol

Incursion/Meltdown Gear:

◄Survivor’s Regrowth Serum►
+14.00 Health Regeneration per Second
+7.00 Health Regeneration per Second after surviving for 180 seconds

◄”Air Mail” AGM Loader►
+18.00% Reload Speed
+4.68% Attack Damage
Benedict Only: Landing rocket hits while airborne reduces all active cooldown by 1 second.

◄Symbiotic Gauntlet►
+8.84% Attack Damage
+204 Maximum Health
Gain up to +8.84% Attack Damage based on current percentage of max health.

Face-Off Gear:

◄Artificial Vitae►
+14.00 Health Regeneration per Second

◄”Air Mail” AGM Loader►
+18.00% Reload Speed
+4.68% Attack Damage
Benedict Only: Landing rocket hits while airborne reduces all active cooldown by 1 second.

◄Duelist Glove►
+9.10% Attack Damage

Capture Gear:

◄Artificial Vitae►
+14.00 Health Regeneration per Second

◄Ammo Butler►
+21.00% Reload Speed

◄Duelist Glove►
+9.10% Attack Damage


Hey there,

Nice build. Do you allow me to link it in my builds and informations topic?:

Yeah, go for it :slight_smile:

Do me a solid, since I’m not able to watch the video at the moment. Explain the choices in the helix, the gear, and the general play style for this build, if you would be so kind. I’m interested in having Benny set up for Meltdown matches. Watched a guy on Twitch doing pretty damned well with him on that mode. Mine’s level 10 at the moment.

I’m assuming that you can sub in any decent-stats reload item for the Benny lego, if you don’t have it already. A couple things stand out, and it’s those I’d really like to hear your opinion on (not disagreeing with you, just wanting to better understand the reasoning):

‘Ready Rockets’ helix: So, we’re using a reload speed gear anyway. And we can probably get away with a pretty cheap one, at that. Hell, one of the UPR greens with the further increase to reload for 5 seconds after completing a reload? Might work really well for Benny, since he can stop and reload one at a time. So, kind of curious. I mean, I get that reload speed for any character with a reload animation means more DPS. In Benny’s case, though, I feel that the extra 25% rocket flight speed is a bigger benefit for landing shots. What am I not getting?

‘Tailwind’ helix: So, whenever Benny’s gliding (falling with style) he’s falling, if only slowly. That means he’s unable to GAIN altitude, no matter how fast he glides. And that means that there will be some places that are less accessible to him, if at all, without that second double-jump. And therefore, I’m all about that second double-jump.

Nice stuff, though. Thanks!

Easiest way to explain it is that the build is super high burst damage at close range and then GTFO. Ready Rockets I choose because I’m not the greatest at the reload animation cancel and that gives me more buffer room to lay down the pain. If you’re good with it then by all means go with Speedy Delivery. Tailwind just plays into the whole GTFO approach. Height doesn’t really help me as I need to get out of the vicinity and fast so I find the flight speed more helpful, especially since I use Evasive Pattern Benedict. I flap myself out to safety and create space which momentarily confuses the enemy of where I went and the flight time lets me create even more distance or turn the corner quickly in mid-air if need be. It’s also really good when I’m chasing someone down or closing the gap.

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Cool. Thanks for the reply! And for the better look into how you recommend it be played. That makes more sense. :wink:

This is really good! Thanks to this build I’ve finally got a handle on how to do well with Benedict. Since I don’t have his legendary yet, I’ve been using a shard generator(considering switching it out for shield pen or attack speed) the aforementioned endoskeletal graft and a reload speed item with shield pen and have been having good results(as in 19 and 0 good).

I still can’t believe he’s been buffed since I posted this build. Haven’t tried him post-patch but I used to dominate on him pre-patch lol. Glad the build is working out for you!

I updated the build for version 1.05 of the game.

You have some expensive taste in gear man.

Double legendary with no shard gen is pretty dicey even in the longer game modes and I’m guessing you’re eating a lot of shards without contributing to the buildable game. I myself run his lore leg + talon of the hawk/symbiotic gauntlet but I pop the shard gen on that build to make sure I can get them up without hogging the shard economy.

Legendary in face-off? I’d be curious to know how often you get that active and what level you end up at.

I’ve rarely ever seen anyone get leg gear active in face-off and never seen them be effective players if they do. Wrench + shard gen + another white or green to spam varelsi spawners to accumulate masks and power level is, in my experience, a much more effective use of shards in that game mode.

No hate, but I’d like to hear your honest feedback on whether any of these issues surface for you with your expensive builds. I like the helix choices.

I normally don’t build anything until late game. I’m not sure exactly when that ends up being on average but if I had to guess it’s probably the last 33% of any given mode. I wouldn’t say I hog shards, if they’re up I go grab them but it’s not a huge concern to me.

I can’t think of a single game I didn’t get my legendary off that wasn’t a stomp one way or the other. Most people ignore the shard clusters on the sides of the map so I get those very reliably. I’m almost always the highest level in the game, if it gets below the 5 minute mark I’m usually level 9 or 10.

Yeah, I’ve just never had any issues whatsoever with expensive gear which is why it’s always bewildered me that the popular opinion is to go with cheaper items. The only argument that makes sense to me these days is building elite minions because since the last patch they’re really strong, but since most players seems to run cheap gear they’re all over spawning those guys so I don’t have to worry about it. Perhaps in competitive tournament play I would have a different opinion but I’ll likely never experience that.

Thanks for the response.

I can see it working for incursion and meltdown, especially with Benedict’s mobility.

How do you go about levelling in face off without having gear to help camp a spawn though?

I can get to level 10 by the last boss fight reliably but you have to diligently farm a spawn point to do it. Usually this requires 1-3 people running a wrench and shard gen. With the natural respawn times on Varelsi it would be very difficult to keep on level.

Interested in how your gear ties into face-off strategy.

My approach is Face-Off is probably pretty boring for most people. I just move from camp to camp and kill the spawns, then I take the masks to the center where the teams are usually fighting. Depending on the map I usually do weak-hard or weak-med-hard as a cycle and rarely run into resistance when I do it. When I get back to center I’ll help push the other team out, turn in my masks, and then bail to go get more. I can solo those camps on pretty much any character so that’s not a concern.

Sounds like you’re running into very poor teams in face-off then (although that’s very common for the mode).

While soloing the camps is easy enough for most characters if you get swarmed by an enemy team without backup it can be troublesome, even with a high mobility escape.

My group doesn’t even bother with the centre until after boss phases when we have hundreds of masks on hand, usually enough to win, and a level advantage that allows us to bully the enemy if they try to stop us.

I’ve only seen 1-2 competent teams so far in face-off though so I guess there’s plenty of room to do whatever atm.

Yeah, my approach to the game in general is probably not against good teams or being on a good team since I solo queue almost exclusively. I get my occasional good matches and I’ll have to adjust to the new level of play which so far has not exposed any glaring weaknesses in my builds but they are few and far between. Usually if one side is good they are demolishing the other side. The short life of competitive mode was the best games I ever had.

I don’t think it makes much sense for me to make builds for an environment that doesn’t exist though so I just share with people what’s working for me. :slight_smile:

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Since the majority of the population seems to be solo queue it makes sense to cater to the major demographic.

I personally wouldn’t advocate expensive gear in face-off though, but it’s not my guide haha

Most people don’t listen to my gear choices anyway, they’re always telling me the cheaper set that they ended up going with :stuck_out_tongue: