Missile destroyer behavior

I was playing a game against the AI and I had a bunch of destroyers and a battlecruiser bearing down on my mothership, so I sent my similar fleet to respond. I had 2 missile destroyers in the area in a different group. While the two fleets duked it out a group of bombers started attacking my resource operations. So, just like I would’ve done in the past I sent my missile destroyers to take care of the situation.

But, try as I might they would not break off attacking the fleet of destroyers and the battlecruiser. I kept giving the attack order to get the bombers, but the missile destroyers simply ignored them and kept engaging the other fleet.

Has anyone else seen behavior like that? Or have missile destroyer been completely changed somehow (I used to use them to guard a mothership strike fleet).

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I’ve noticed when you give them the attack command that’s their queue to attack anything close to them. You have to order them to stop then move to the new location then have them attack.

I hope that’s not “working as intended”.

Sometimes when they are very persistent I change their tactics to evasive. Stop and then attack different units.

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