Missile tracking seems bugged

Missile destroyers in HW1 and Torpedo frigate from HW2 both seem to have their missle tracking ability impaired somehow, which is obvious when you send them up against strikecrafts. The missiles are borderline incapable of hitting strikecrafts in motion, always barely misses and then swirl wildly around their target, before despawning, not doing any damage. According to in-game description, these missile boats are supposed to be ultimate anti-strikecraft warships! Now they barely work at all. If I knew how to record a video of this in action I would just to make it more obvious what I mean, but I suspect I wouldn’t be the only player to notice this issue?

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I have noticed this as well. Missile destroyers only seem to be good at killing frigates instead of fighters like they are supposed to.

Yeah, kinda dumb how a missile from HW1 missile destroyer keeps circling the target until disapear, if it cant track it right, it could at least do a proximity explosion, or go MIRV like the torpedos, idk, right now missile destroyer is the “derp missile not-so-much-destroyer”.

Yes… right now there is very little reason to build a missile destroyer instead of a standard destroyer. The standard will hit strike craft about as often with its guns as the missile does, and the missile is far weaker against frigates and other super-caps. The only thing it seems to have going for it is range, which thanks to lower DPS really doesn’t make a difference.

It’d be completely reasonable to give it cluster missiles like the HW2 torp frigate gets. That would more or less restore its original role or strike craft killer while making it slightly weaker against capitals, which shouldn’t be an issue. To offset the gain, HWR assault frigates should be weaker against fighters than they are at present (in weapon accuracy; all frigates still need a major armor buff).