Missile Turrets?

I can’t get missile Turrets to work and can’t remember if this is an engine limitation. Anyone know?

I think it has to be possible: The Vaygr missile platform has turrets and if I remember right, there were subsystem missile turrets that you could build on the mothership in the old pirates mod.

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Well that’s not promising:


That’s from the VGR Missile Platform. The only other turreted missile reference I see is to hgn_torpedo, which is only an events file. No .miss or .hod.

Follow it through from the ‘vgr_weaponplatform_missile.ship’ file and you’ll see how it goes:

The .ship file in the ‘ships’ folder references a .subs file in the ‘subsystem’ folder and that references the .wepn file in the ‘weapons’ folder.


You end up getting your missiles to work?

I have some files for a HgnBC that could build modules on each hardpoint, including pivoting and firing missiles, so I know its doable.

Yup I stole one of bulletmods turrets for a base. Not sure what makes em work or not work yet.