Missing a skill point?

Anybody have an issue with a missing skill point? I just reached level 50 and have 47 skill points. Am I mistaken because I thought the correct number to have is 48 total skill points at level 50. Playing Fl4k if that matters.


I am missing one as Amara, I have seen a few posts about this. One guy is missing ALL of his points.

I have not seen a response from anyone official yet.

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I have noticed this issue also while playing Zane. I noticed it when I was close to leveling and then joining a friend and it “leveled” me but didn’t give me a skill point. It was also from level 36 to 37 if that matters. Hope this gets addressed… I would like my skill point lol.

Im also missing 2 skill points on PC, level 19 with only 17 skill points, hoping for a fix soon.

perhaps its not a bug and i am purposely 2 skill points behind my level? im not sure, but either way clarification would be nice

you arent missing any skill points. you start getting skill points at level 3.

My moze got leveled from 42 to 50 for some reason after being disconnected from a mp game and is missing the 8 skill points. AND got negative guardian tokens. glad to see im not alone with this, sent a ticket yesterday but no answer yet.

hope this gets solved soon.

Playing Moze, loaded in to a random multiplayer match and boom. I had no skill or any skill points at lvl 23. However once leved from there i was given my appropriate points but never got the first ones. Even tried respecing, restarting game. Just gone

I am also having this problem with Zane. At lvl28 I did a respec to try out a clone build and only had 25 points. Level 35 now and still missing a point.

Wanted to add that my Amara only has 47 skill points at 50.

I’m playing Fl4k and I just hit 50 and did not get my last skill point. Stuck at 47 points


I noticed while I was leveling I didnt get to place a skill point awhile back figured it would be patched in now I’m respecting and I’m at 47 and my boyfriend has 48 he plays Fl4k I play Amara so I figured I would post and see if anyone else was having an issue too.

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Same here lvl 50 Amara 47 points. Deels bad

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I also am a lvl 50 Amara with 47 skill points. It’s unfortunate when making builds and forgeting you are missing 1 point.

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Amara here. I just found out that i have 47/48 point at 50 lvl -.-

Any support here? Can You just add an item with +1 point via mail?

is there any fix for this coming soon? this is annoying as I had 48 points before -__-

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I have the same problem. My partner and I both play with Fl4K but I started before him, so I’ve been a level above the entire time we’ve been playing. I’m a level 22 and he’s a level 21 and we both have 19 skill points. One of those cannot be right!

I got this cookie cutter answer from support, which feels like he didn’t even read what I wrote.

“I’m sorry to hear that you’re having this issue with Borderlands 3! I appreciate you letting me know about it.

Thanks to Vault Hunters like yourself, we’ve been able to collect enough info about this issue to notify the development team, and they are currently working on a fix.

Unfortunately, we don’t have visibility on their progress here in customer support, so we don’t have a timeline for the fix to be implemented. Please follow us on Twitter (@2K, @2KSupport, and @Borderlands), as this is where latest info, as well as, upcoming updates and fixes, will be announced.”

No official response from 2k or gearbox about this. I mean this has been going on from day one apparently.

I am Missing 2 points off my tree as FL4K Also Have submitted a massage to Epic gaming as well.

Same thing, guyz.
50 lvl Zane and only 46 points… Can’t use any effective build…
Please - find a sollution